The Age Difference Stamp in Storyteller : Solved

by Ekta

The Age Difference Stamp in Storyteller : Storyteller is all about creating your own stories, and what’s even cooler is when you can unlock special achievements to make your tales more interesting.

One such achievement is the “Age Difference Stamp,” where you bring together generations in a touching way. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock it in a few simple steps, and don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds!

First, let’s dive into the world oye f Storyteller. Open the app on your device and get ready to weave a unique story.

The Age Difference Stamp in Storyteller

Now, it’s time to select the perfect storyline to unlock the Age Difference Stamp. You’ll want to go with “Apparitions: Chapter 3 – Aging (Old Heartbroken Dog Dies Happy).” This is where the magic happens.

Now comes the exciting part – creating your story with the Age Difference Stamp. It’s all about connecting generations in a meaningful way.

Slide 1

Start by choosing “Love,” and then select “Edgar.” This is like setting the stage for your story.

Slide 2

Now, select “Time.” It’s like introducing the concept of time into your narrative.

Slide 3

Choose “Love” again, and this time, select “Edgar” and “Dog.” This is where the heart of your story begins to beat.

Slide 4

Select “Time” once more. Time is a crucial element in your tale.

Slide 5

Choose “Revive” and select “Edgar.” It’s like bringing a spark of life to your narrative.

Slide 6

One last step! Choose “Love” again, and this time, select “Edgar” and “Dog.” This is where the magic happens, and generations unite.

What Happens Next

By following these simple steps and creating the story we’ve outlined in “Apparitions: Chapter 3 – Aging (Old Heartbroken Dog Dies Happy),” you’ll unlock the Age Difference Stamp.

In this achievement, a young dog meets an old man, and a young man meets an old dog, adding a beautiful touch of age-related themes to your storytelling adventure.

The Age Difference Stamp is all about celebrating the connections that span generations. It’s like telling your audience that age is just a number, and beautiful relationships can exist between young and old. It’s a fun and unique way to make your storytelling even more heartwarming.


Storyteller is all about imagination and creativity, and the Age Difference Stamp adds an extra layer of depth to your storytelling adventures. Now that you’ve unlocked this achievement, you can create stories that show the beauty of connections between generations.

It’s a reminder that in the world of storytelling, there’s room for heartwarming tales that touch our hearts. So go ahead, share your unique stories, and let your imagination bring generations together in the world of Storyteller!

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