That’s Amor Soundtrack: Each and Every soundtrack of thats amor

by Narendra

That’s Amor Soundtrack: This is especially important for a romantic comedy like Netflix’s newest release, That’s Amor, which aims to sweep viewers off their feet with the on-screen romance.

As a result, the soundtrack of That’s Amor includes a variety of upbeat tracks throughout, but which songs appear on the soundtrack of That’s Amor?

That’s Amor Release Date and Story

That’s Amor slid onto Netflix on Thursday, August 25, 2022. In the movie, Riley Dandy and Isaac Gonzalez Rossi play Sofia, a woman who is about to turn 30 and whose life is turned upside down when both her job and her relationship fall apart on the same day.

That’s Amor Soundtrack

Sofia and her mother want to start over, so they sign up for a cooking class. There, Sofia meets a handsome Spanish chef named Matias, who might just be the secret ingredient she’s been looking for.

That’s Amor Soundtrack

Who Composed The Score? That’s Amor

That’s Amor has a mix of licensed songs and an original score by American composer Jamie Christopherson. The original score is bright and bubbly.

Since 2000, Christopherson has made music for short films, TV shows, full-length movies, and video games. He has a whopping 80 credits to his name.

Some of the composer’s best work can be heard in the Netflix movie A California Christmas and its sequel, American Wrestler: The Wizard, Lady Driver, Roped, and the video games.