Terraria New Update 1.4.4. Console & Mobile Patch Notes

by Ami Dalsania

Terraria New Update 1.4.4. Console & Mobile Patch Notes: New seed information and patch notes for console and mobile versions of Terraria 1.4.4 have been added.

Please note that this article will only talk about updates and bug fixes for consoles, as well as new seed information. For the full Terraria New Update 1.4.4. console patch notes for PC.

Terraria New Update 1.4.4. Console & Mobile Patch Notes

Terraria New Update 1.4.4. Console & Mobile Patch Notes

Terraria’s new update for consoles and mobile has made a lot of quality-of-life changes. For example, Xbox and PlayStation players now have trophies, and controller players can turn off auto-select.

There have also been a lot of bug fixes. For example, the inventory would sometimes pick a different item when a player chose a certain one. Other bugs that were annoying, like hairstyles being chosen while scrolling through the hair menu, have also been fixed.

The official Terraria forums provided the following patch notes:

  1. Xbox and PlayStation now have three new trophies. Inventory Camera Movement now has three new settings:
  2. Auto/Always/Never
  3. Icons have been added to the coin and ammo slots to make things clearer.
  4. Loading bars in World Generation now have backs that can’t be seen through.
  5. Added a switch for Auto Select when playing on Controller, just like the one for Touch input.
  6. Changed the words on the Control Banner for Dismount and Wiring
  7. Changed the way the highlight for new items in the Void Bag looks.

Terraria New Update 1.4.4. Console & Mobile Patch Notes Bug Fixed

  1. The spawn icon would sometimes go outside of the minimap.
  2. Fixed a bug that made it impossible for Keyboard & Mouse players to move a split stack to a different inventory slot.
  3. There was a bug that caused the Duplication and Crafting pages to keep scrolling even when the cursor wasn’t over them.
  4. When a different color tag was used for each letter in a chat message, the letters would look spread out. We also fixed a bug where hovering over the Equipment page icon while holding a dye wouldn’t take you to the Equipment menu.
  5. Fixed a bug where the ninja who was stuck inside King Slime would sometimes show up in front of him instead of behind him.
  6. Fixed a bug that caused the Weather Radio to show the wrong direction of the wind
  7. Fixed a bug where the Prismatic Wings wouldn’t get dye correctly.
  8. Fixed a problem that made the Celestial Pillars flash on and off
  9. When Auto Select mode was on, if you tapped on an item in your inventory, it would switch to a different item instead.
  10. Fixed a bug where the item tooltips would stay even after the inventory was closed and reopened.
  11. Fixed a problem where players couldn’t use the controller to move through the pause menu when an NPC was talking. Fixed a problem where the hair selection menu didn’t work right when using the controller. Fixed a problem where hair slots would be chosen when scrolling the hair selection menu on Touch. Fixed a problem where the Nintendo Switch profanity filter was being used on the Crafting/Duplication Search screen.
  12. Fixed a problem where you couldn’t click on the edges of the screen when using an iPad. Fixed a problem where the controller’s modifier triggers would do their job if the player let go of them too quickly.
  13. Fixed a lighting problem that caused dark squares to show up between solid blocks and bodies of water.
  14. Fixed a bug where the stats for accessories didn’t move when the minimap was hidden.
  15. Fixed a bug that caused the player to keep attacking when using items like chests while on Touch.
  16. When the Player menu was on its own page group, opening the Interface Layout menu on the title screen would load the last world seen.
  17. Fixed a bug that let players stand in the air when they walked over a certain set of hammered blocks.
  18. Fixed a problem with the controller that led the player to the wrong UI spots on the Player/World selection screen.
  19. Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze briefly when certain symbols were typed in the chat window
  20. Fixed a problem where the speech bubble icon on a Sign would cover the text popup.
  21. Fixed a problem where the Touch virtual controls would take precedence over the wiring popup when you clicked on them.
  22. Fixed a bug where the sound effects from the Drill Containment Unit would stop, especially when digging dirt.
  23. When using a controller, the Credits screen would show a virtual “Back” button along with the controller callout. Fixed a problem where the minimap would move out of its frame when the player was at certain heights.
  24. Fixed a problem where other players’ spear animations didn’t match up right when they used them in multiplayer. Fixed a problem where underground ore would make bright flashes when it was just offscreen.