Technoblade Timer : All You Need To Know

by Narendra

Technoblade Timer: Even though Technoblade stopped playing Minecraft, he still has a lot of very loyal fans. “Technoblade never dies” is a quote that many people use to remember the Minecraft legend who died. This phrase is now on merchandise for the gamer, but fans were worried that the Technoblade Timer was a joke.

Technoblade never told anyone who he really was, even after he died. Before that, he was known by the picture of a crowned pig that was his online avatar.

Technoblade’s fans have been very helpful since he told them in August 2021 that he had cancer. Fans still think he’s pulling tricks on them, even though he’s dead.

What is the Technoblade Timer?

It’s a new drop of items. Their official online store now has the “Technoblade Never Dies” collection.

Before the collection came out, there was a timer that kept track of how long it would be until the drop. Gamers who didn’t know that new merchandise was coming out went on TikTok to talk about what they thought would happen when the timer ran out.

A TikTok user with the handle @flekting came up with one of the most popular ideas. They thought it might all be a joke because the Technoblade Timer stops on January 25, which is National Opposite Day.

Now that the timer has gone off, though, we can say that it’s not a joke. It was to get people excited about the release of new, limited-edition items. By typing “respawn” into the “enter by password” part of the timer, some Technoblade fans were able to get the merchandise early.

Who is Technoblade?

Technoblade, whose real name was Alex, told his fans on YouTube in 2021 that he had been told he had cancer. BBC says that he died in July 2022 at the age of 23 from sarcoma, a rare cancer of bones and soft tissues. In a sad farewell video posted to his YouTube, his family confirmed the news.

The “so long, nerds” video was shown to all 10 million people who follow him. The video showed a “face reveal” and his last video game clip. In the clip, his father also talks about him and says that he is “the best kid anyone could ever want.”

Alex wrote the note a few hours before he died, and his father read it out loud. It starts, “Hello, everyone! This is Technoblade. If you are looking at this. I am dead.” He then told the audience that his real name was Alex and joked about the time he made people think his name was Dave.