Taylor Swift’s Uk Store Is Down, What to do?

by Anchal Thakur

Taylor Swift’s Uk Store Is Down, What to do: Fans of Taylor Swift in the UK are a little bit upset that they can’t buy the special edition of signed Midnights CDs because the online store is down.

Taylor’s upcoming album has gotten a lot of attention because she has been revealing the names of the songs on it in her Midnights Mayhem series on TikTok.

Fans can pre-order the album on Taylor’s official US and UK stores. The countdown to the release of the album has begun. It comes with signed photos that are only available with that CD.

Taylor Swift’s UK store is down as pre-orders for signed copies of Midnights’ start

Fans have taken to Twitter to complain that Taylor’s UK store’s website isn’t working.

Taylor Swift's UK store is down as pre-orders for signed copies of Midnights' start.

When you get to the page, you’ll see a message that says, “The store is temporarily closed. Come back later, please.”

HITC has asked the singer for a comment, but we haven’t heard back as of the time this article was written.

The following tweets show how disappointed fans are responding to the temporary glitch.

One person said, “I’m screaming, crying, and throwing up because I can’t get on the UK Taylor Swift store.”

“The worst way to start the week is for Taylor Swift’s UK store to be down when I’m trying to get a signed CD,” said someone else.

“@umusicsupport, please fix the UK Taylor Swift store. It’s been down for at least 45 minutes,” said one tweet.

Pre-orders for signed copies Available On The Us Store

Taylor’s US store is fully operational, and you can pre-order signed CDs from Midnights for a limited time.

Each CD comes with a photo of the singer that has been signed by hand, and you can buy them until October 4 at 11:59 p.m. ET, if there are any left. Each one sells for $19.99.

Midnight: Moonstone Edition, Midnight: Mahogany Edition, Midnights: Blood Moon Edition, and Midnights: Jade Green Edition are the names of the CDs. And Midnight: Moonstone Blue Edition is only for customers outside of the United States.

Here is the official website, where you can find out more.