Take Pictures of Bonnie Drawings Disney Dreamlight Valley

by Narendra

To complete one of the steps in the “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space” quest in the Toy Story Realm, you must photograph Bonnie’s drawings in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Selfies with the four drawings “on colored construction paper with gold stars” are required. These drawings are somewhat hidden, and it’s difficult to distinguish them from the other scribbles around the room. Don’t worry, we’re here to assist.

Take Pictures of Bonnie Drawings Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to look all over Andy’s room to find and take pictures of Bonnie’s drawings. There are four of them, and they’re all made out of colored construction paper and have gold stars on them.

To find the first one, walk to the foot of the bed, turn left, and step onto the big table in the shape of an orange flower. On the other wall, there is a picture of an elephant and a penguin.

Take a selfie from there, making sure to include the drawing. Next, go to the floor and walk over to where Woody and Buzz are. There’s the second drawing, so take another picture of yourself.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the next step to finish the quest to take pictures of Bonnie’s drawings is to go to the left of the last drawing and into Andy’s closet.

If you look around, the third drawing is right at eye level on the wall. You can’t possibly miss it. Lastly, go back the way you came, but don’t climb up the orange flower table thing. Instead, pay attention to the white “table” right next to it.

There you’ll find the fourth and last picture. Look at the screenshots we’ve given you to see exactly where they all are.

Take the fourth and last selfie, then go back and tell Buzz what you did. This step of the “A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space” quest is now finished.