Subway Choking Video Viral Twitter

by Anchal Thakur

Subway Choking Video: New York subway rider chokes street dancer to death for 3 minutes: A man on the New York subway was put in a chokehold and killed while he was screaming for food. People on the Internet were very angry about the act, which was caught on camera.

On Monday, a homeless black man who seemed to be having a mental health episode was choked to death on a subway train in New York City. Passengers tackled him, and one of them put him in a chokehold. The act, which was caught on camera, was called “disgusting” by people on the Internet.

The neck of the victim, whose name is Jordan Neely, was crushed, the city’s medical examiner said Wednesday.

The news agency Associated Press said that some New Yorkers had seen him dancing in Times Square and pretending to be Michael Jackson.

Subway Choking Video Viral Twitter

On Monday, Neely, who is 30, was yelling and walking back and forth on a F train in Manhattan, according to witnesses and police. At least three people, including a US Marine veteran who tightened one arm around his neck, were able to stop him.

Some witnesses said that Neely was yelling that he was hungry and had nothing to eat. He also threw his jacket off the train. At this point, at least three people held him down. One of them was a US Marine veteran who wrapped one arm tightly around his neck.

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In an online video of the fight, the man was seen lying on top of Neely and holding him in a headlock for several minutes while Neely tried and failed to get away. Neely’s arms were held down by a second passenger, and his shoulder was held down by a third person.

New York subway rider chokes street dancer to death for 3 minutes

It wasn’t clear why the group tried to hold him back. Soon after that, Neely was pronounced dead at a hospital in Manhattan.

The Marine veteran, who looked white and was 24 years old, was taken into custody and then let go without being charged. His name hasn’t been made known to the public.

“As part of our thorough ongoing investigation, we will look at the Medical Examiner’s report, look at all available video and photo footage, find and talk to as many witnesses as we can, and get more medical records,” a DA spokesperson said in a statement.

As news of Neely’s death spread online, people in New York and officials there had strong feelings about the video of the incident. Some people said the Marine veteran’s actions were a deadly overreaction to a mentally ill person, while others defended his actions.

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Wednesday afternoon, a group of protesters gathered at the station where Neely died to demand that someone be arrested. Kyle Ishmael, who lives in Harlem and is 38 years old, said that the video of what happened made him feel “disgusted.”

“I couldn’t believe that this was happening on my subway in the city I grew up in,” he said.

Neely’s death comes at a time when both homelessness and mental illness on the streets and subways of New York City are getting more attention from the public.