Stray safe code binary: Step By Step

by Narendra

Stray safe code binary: The Stray safe code is probably the first puzzle you’ll find in the game. It’s in the area called “The Slums.” This safe with a Mysterious Password digicode is hidden down an alley.

If you want to get the reward inside, you’ll need to find someone who can translate the code for you. Since the robots only give you vague hints about what to do next, we’re here to tell you how to read the Mysterious Password and get the Stray safe code.

Note that each step of this process can be done on its own, so if you want to skip ahead, you can just enter the code for the Stray safe to open it right away, and the Mysterious Password item will disappear from your inventory.

Where to find the Stray safe code binary in The Slums

Once you’re in The Slums and have talked to the Guardian, face the garage where the robots are meditating and go down the stairs to the left. Go past the musician Morusque and look in the alleyway to the left of the shutter blocking the sewer entrance. Here is where the Stray safe code is attached to the unit.

If you look at the Safe’s Mysterious Password item, you’ll see that it says “follows the numbers” and then a binary code that you can’t figure out. Don’t miss a Stray energy drink location from the vending machine on the other side of this alley, as they are needed to get collectibles.

Show the Safe’s Mysterious Password to any robot in town, and they’ll tell you it’s an old binary code that only a real geek can read. Just like with the Stray Notebooks, you’ll need to find the right person to process it and figure out what it means.

How to read the Safe’s Mysterious Password in Stray

The geek who knows the Safe’s Mysterious Password is inside Elliot Programming. You can find this building by translating the signs around The Slums or by following the one with strings of binary code on it.

When you reach the entrance to Elliot Programming, marked with more binary code, use the interact prompt to do a Stray. Scratch the door, and after a short period of “knocking,” you’ll be let in. Head upstairs to meet Elliot. Show him the Safe’s Mysterious Password item, which he will quickly decode as “DUFER BAR.” If he’s shaking and can’t work, you may need to use the Stray Poncho first.

How to get the Stray safe code binary

With the decoded password, go to the nearby bar with the bright red signs. You can see it right in front of you when you leave Elliot Programming through the window. At the end of the bar, you’ll find a neon sign that says “DUFER BAR.” Hop up next to it, then use the picture hanging above you.

This will soon fall off the wall, revealing the code for the Stray safe, which is 1283. Make sure to scan the bowl of food on the table at the top of the stairs to get one of the Stray Memories while you’re in this building.

Now, all you have to do is go back to the device in the alley and type in the Stray safe code 1283, which is a mysterious password that opens the digicode.

Your reward is finding one of the eight Stray Sheet Music locations. Give it to Morusque and you’ll hear him play another of his songs, and you’ll be one step closer to getting all of Stray’s Badges by adding the Music pin to your collection.