Stranger things season 4 episode 9 soundtrack

by Narendra

Here is the Stranger things season 4 episode 9 soundtrack.

Stranger Things is back for its last episode. Season 4 volume 2 is now available to watch on Netflix. In it, the Hawkins crew fights in the Upside Down, and Eleven and Max face Henry/Vecna again. Who stays? Who dies? And is there anyone who can beat the terrible Vecna?

Today, July 1, the two extra-long last episodes are now on Netflix (although Netflix crashed for some early viewers). We’ve already gone over Episode 8, which is called “Papa.” So let’s jump into Episode 9, “The Piggyback,” which is two hours long, and review the most important plot points, Easter eggs, and character arcs. (There are a lot of spoilers!)

Stranger things season 4 episode 9 soundtrack

In each season. Stranger Things makes us feel like crap at least a couple of times every season. And as Season 4 hurtled toward its mind-blowing end, the Netflix hit did it again and again and again. But which emotional part of Episode 9 made you cry the most?

In “The Piggyback,” there were many sweet moments to choose from, like when Steve said that he had always seen Nancy in his family photos and when Jonathan said that nothing could change how much he loved his little brother Will. We think the choice comes down to three moments, though.

Stranger things season 4 episode 9 soundtrack: Running Up That Hill ( Watch and download)