Stirling GT GTA5 : The best Car of GTA Online’s The Criminal Enterprises

by Kirti Rajput

Stirling GT GTA5: In the most recent update to GTA Online, Rockstar made the Stirling GT completely bulletproof for no reason.

It’s not too surprising that Rockstar Games made a mistake here, since mistakes happen when making games. This has happened before, as shown by the fact that the normal Kuruma wasn’t hurt by bullets before The Contract DLC.

This change isn’t completely out of the blue, because the Stirling GT just got some new ways to customize it, including some HSW changes. It’s now the fastest car in the game, and the new bug makes it even more appealing to buy.

The above tweet gives a technical look at what’s changed with this Sports Classic car recently. The old hitbox is on the left, and the new one is on the right. GTA Online players should be aware that the left model has some red textures around the window and car door. This means that players can be shot through that area.

Since the right model doesn’t have that, the Stirling GT is now completely bulletproof. Explosives can still break it, but most NPCs don’t have that kind of arsenal. Just remember that one explosive is enough to blow it up.

Stirling gt GTA5 Updates

It’s not clear when Rockstar Games will fix this problem, but in GTA Online, it’s bulletproof right now. Keep in mind that the Stirling GT is also the fastest car in the game. It can go as fast as 156.80 mph (252.34 km/h), which is very fast.

The price of $975,000 for the car and $900,000 for the HSW upgrade is well worth it for both how fast it is and how well it can now defend itself. Even if this bug is fixed in the next big update, GTA Online players will still be able to use a very fast car.