Steam Captcha Not Working : Solved

by Narendra

Steam Captcha Not Working : Do you love playing games on Steam? It’s a popular store where you can find lots of video games to play on your computer. But sometimes, you might face a problem called “Captcha Not Working Error.” Don’t worry! In this guide, we will show you some simple solutions to fix this error and get back to gaming!

Steam Captcha Not Working Error

When you want to log in to Steam and get a new game, you might need to solve a Captcha. It’s like a little puzzle that proves you’re a real person and not a robot. But sometimes, the Captcha doesn’t work, and you can’t log in to Steam. That can be frustrating, but we have some solutions to help you fix it!

Solutions to Fix the Captcha Not Working Error

Here are a few things you can try to fix the Captcha Not Working Error on Steam:

1. Delete Browser Cookies & Site Data

Sometimes, the error happens because of old data saved in your web browser. Ask an adult to help you clear the cache and cookies of your browser. This will remove the old data and might fix the error.

2. Flush DNS & Reset Winsock

If the first solution didn’t work, you can try this one. Open the Command Prompt on your computer by searching for it in the Start Menu. Then, type these commands one by one: “ipconfig /flushdns” and “netsh winsock reset.” This will clear some technical stuff that might be causing the error.

3. Toggle Off Proxy Server & Disable VPNs

Sometimes, using a VPN or having certain settings on your computer can cause the Captcha error. Ask an adult to help you turn off the VPN if you have one. You can also check your computer’s proxy settings and turn them off if they are on. This might help fix the error.

4. Try Another Browser

If the error still persists, you can try using a different web browser. Some browsers work better with Steam than others. You can ask an adult to help you download and install browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Brave, Opera GX, or Mozilla Firefox. Try using one of these browsers and see if the error goes away.

5. Login on the Steam App

Instead of using a web browser, you can download and install the official Steam app on your computer. This app lets you log in to Steam without going through the website. You can activate the “Remember me” option to avoid the Captcha requirement. This way, you can enjoy browsing and playing games on Steam without any hassle.


Steam is a fantastic place to find and play your favorite video games. But sometimes, the Captcha Not Working Error can cause problems. By following the solutions we’ve provided, you can try to fix this error and get back to gaming on Steam. Remember to ask an adult for help if you need assistance with any of the steps.

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