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by Narendra
spelling checker apps

Hey ! are you searching for spelling and grammar checking apps?

I know it’s so hard to write an article without any spelling mistakes.

And it’s harder when you are not a native speaker or writer of English. In play store as well as ios store there are lot more apps that will help you to check your grammar and spelling mistakes.

Here In this article, I had filtered some great apps for spelling checker that will spell check in word and sentences.

5 Best spelling and grammar checker apps 2019

1. Grammarly

Grammarly which is the best app for spelling and grammar check. If you are a blogger like me than trust me you will love this application.

While writing an article there is lots of mistakes are coming in grammar or in spelling. Grammarly will automated feature underline that word or sentences which having an error.

Grammarly free version is enough for a beginner in writing it will only check spelling and little bit grammar mistakes.

App comes handy in android and ios keyboard option while typing and work perfectly.

But if you professional and don’t wanna take risk than you can go through its premium version.

Paid Version Prices: $11.66 for premium and $15 for Bussiness version you can choose as per your requirement.

Install: Grammarly

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2. Grammar Checker

There is another great option to choose to check grammar mistakes. Here In grammar Checker app, you having two option to check mistake.

First, one write and app will autodetect the grammar mistake with lot more suggestions where you can choose wisely.

Second, if you are having a file and you want to check whether it’s correct in grammar as well as spelling then you can upload that file in application.

It will automatically check that file and shows the error.

In Grammarly Upload option is not there In grammar checker you will get upload option in free of cost.

Install: Grammar Checker

3. Noun Plus

As a writer, you should check different spell checking apps for accuracy in your work.

Noun Plus is the next spell and grammar checking app which will be having great accuracy.

This app gives you more feature than others like it will detect the error, misspelling, Uncertainty, Gives Suggestion, Conjunction, Undefines.

Copy and paste option is available to detect the mistake of any of your work.

Noun Plus is another great option to choose for spelling checker software in android.

Install: Noun Plus

4. Correct Spelling

Correct Spelling is a totally different option from the above apps. It will give you an option to speak and detect the best word from that.

It will automatically copy the word in the clipboard after that you can paste it anywhere.

Almost the same function as google voice assistant or google translator.

Correct spelling has an advantage when we don’t recognize the correct word that time you just know the word by voice in the correct spelling.

Install: Correct Spelling

5. Spell Checker

Spell Checker another great option to choose to correct the mistake while ongoing writing.

The app will automatically detect the word when you are writing the wrong word.

It will Give you the more suggestion for the wrong word to choose from that or if you do not choose the correct word then it will highlight that word with an underline to correct it later.

Install: Spell Checker


These are the best list out there for spelling and grammar checker software in online apps. Mostly which I use to write my article is Grammarly and noun plus which gave me accurate results.

In the best 5 spelling and grammar checking software which one you like the most tell me in the comment section.

Is there is more apps and software better than these apps then let me know it will help many Share with me.

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