Sonic Frontiers Behind The Voice Actors

by Rajitha Reddy

Sonic Frontiers Behind The Voice Actors: Sonic Frontiers is a new kind of videogame with an open world, and it has some voice actors that fans already know and love. But some of the characters in this adventure are played for the first time by new voice actors. Here are all the Sonic Frontiers voice actors we know about.

In Sonic Frontiers, just like in any other Sonic game, you can meet both old and new characters. As you climb to the top of Sonic’s brand-new open-world game, you’ll see some familiar faces and some you haven’t seen before. Here’s what we know so far about the characters in Sonic Frontiers and the voice actors who will bring these well-known characters to life.

Sonic Frontiers Behind The Voice Actors

Sonic Frontiers Behind The Voice Actors

Sonic the Hedgehog Voice Actor

Sonic is the only person you can play as in the game. So far, we know that playing as Sonic will be a completely new experience. It will take place in an open world, have a brand-new battle system, use skill tree upgrades, and have enemies we’ve never seen before.

The story trailer also showed that Sonic the Hedgehog has a voice, and that voice belongs to Roger Craig Smith. No big surprise, since Roger has been the official voice of the famous hedgehog since 2010. He is the third person to do so. Roger is also well-known for his voice work in the Assassin’s Creed and Resident Evil games, and he will be back to play the same part again.

Amy Rose Voice Actor

Cindy Robinson will play Amy Rose, who is also a friend of Sonic’s. Robinson has been giving her Sonic character a voice for a long time, just like Smith and O’Shaughnessy. She was also Dr. Atsuko Chiba in the anime movie Paprika and Detective Anaya in Mass Effect 2.

Amy Rose can also be seen in the Gamescom demo. As was already said, she is a character that Sonic is separated from when he goes through the wormhole.

Sage Voice Actor

Sage, the “mysterious stranger,” seems to be the game’s second most talked about character. In the story trailer, there is a floating human girl with white hair, a black dress, and red cyber energy coming from her body, legs, hands, eyes, and hair. She is telling Sonic to be careful on his adventure.

Even though it’s clear that she seems to care about Sonic, it’s not yet clear whether she’s a friend or foe. Sage’s voice is done by Megumi Hayashibara, who is known for her work as a voice actress in many well-known series, such as Pokémon, Cowboy Bebop, and Slayers.

Koco Voice Actor

So far, Sonic and Sage seem to be the Sonic Frontiers characters we know the most about. However, Koco, a friend who looks like a stone coconut, has been shown off by the developers.

Even though Kocos don’t seem to have voices, they need to be protected, collected, and returned safely to Hermit and Elder Koco in exchange for stat boosts like increased attack power, health, speed, and maximum ring count.

Knuckles Voice Actor

Knuckles will be back in Sonic Frontiers, at least in a short animated segment called the Sonic Frontiers Prologue. Still hasn’t been confirmed as a playable character in the game.

And, according to Twitter, Dave Mitchell confirmed in a now-deleted tweet that he would be back as Knuckles after making his first appearance as the character in Team Sonic Racing.