Some Useless Features on Smartphones

by Narendra

In everyday life, we are using our smartphone and our smartphone coming with some useless feature that never uses by us or if it will make use it’s so annoying.

Now I will show you some Useless feature that we think it’s useful but it never uses by us:

Top 5 Useless Android feature that never uses by us :

1. Front LED Flash Light :

When we bought new Smartphone we always think for a feature like a flashlight for our camera so our selfies should be great in night light but whenever I use font flashlight it so annoying and high light constantly focusing on a face that will disturb our mood and selfie.

Some mobile companies are coming with there selfie phone where they give us this font flash that makes you brighter and called as selfies. Font LED flash give high focus on our eyes that make bad selfies.

2. Gestures :

We all know about gestures In newly smartphone we once try this gestures for know our mobile phone and later when we know these gestures never ever used by us and it’s a totally useless feature that smartphones have. I notice some of my friends are using like a smart scroll, double-tap to wake. But not more than that it’s so annoying to use.

I literally tell you I never use the gestures of my smartphone when I was in the hurry that time never thinks about it. we know it’s quite helpful for fast and easy but we never use that feature.

What you think about gesture are you used your mobile gesture tell me and how much it helps you in daily life comment below.

3. Find My Phone :

What you think about it Find my phone is it helpful for finding your lost phone what a joke it’s never helpful because Find My phone work when mobile data is ON and Location and GPS is ON Your smartphone is turn ON. After that, these app work to find your location and it not exactly find your phone.

If someone has stolen mobile then the first thing they will do is shut down your phone and now you can’t trace or find your phone, what a useless feature that our smartphone has.

4. Antivirus apps :

Most of the upcoming smartphone is coming with inbuilt antivirus which we think it’s quite useful but it can’t some of the antiviruses are not downloading chrome files and some are always asking for permissions always scanning in the background that finishes battery and pop-ups are always showing while doing work it’s so annoying to download an antivirus on smartphone.

5. Widgets :

In every smartphone, widgets are always there but none of us using these features we just use the clock and Google widgets. These widgets make phone lags all widgets in our home screen it annoying to shows these widgets on our home page.

widgets are slower our mobile performance and look bad on the home screen a lot. How many widgets you are using tell me in the comment section.

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