Solved: There Was an Error Updating Tinder Profile

by Narendra

Hey, are you also getting errors while updating your Tinder profile?

We know, it’s quite frustrating, and to be honest online dating completely hangs on, the good profile of a user. But, don’t worry anymore, here in this article we are come up with proven ways, after following fixes, you will not face any error regarding updating your tinder profile on smartphones. So no further ado let’s begin.

There was an Error Updating Tinder Profile

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1. Update Tinder

Update Tinder

No doubt, most of the errors in smartphone apps are simply caused by not proper updating to the new version. Every week developers try to fix bugs and errors and add new features. But sometimes we procrastinate and as a result, apps are causing issues such as errors while updating tinder profile. So here we suggest you to first check is your app is up to date or not. If this normal way doesn’t solve your problem then go for the next fix.

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2. Clean Tinder

Cleaning is as much required as updating to the new version, If your app earlier has some error then after solving that error there are also chances that error repeat if you don’t clean your tinder.

In smartphones, every app creates, cache data to provide a user best experience, but we neglect to clean cache data that causes an error, and that results most of the issues in apps have occurred. So here we recommend you to clean your cache and data correctly, to do that just follow these steps.

Clean Tinder

Firstly visit device settings >> Apps >> Search for tinder >> open and go to storage >> clear cache & data.

That’s it you have to do after that just close the app and restart your device.

3. Install Older Versions

Install Older Versions

In most cases, the installed version of app is not compatible with your smartphone, or it might have some issue or bug that causes errors while updating profile. So for that, here we recommend you to try installing a previous older version of the tinder app from apk pure or aptoide. Both these websites will provide older versions of apk for android in free of cost. So try installing an older version and check, is your error of profile updating try again later is fixed or not.

4. Open Tinder In Browser

Open Tinder In Browser

If the above ways don’t work for you then here I suggest you to open your tinder account in a web browser of android or using a computer, most of the time mobile apps are causing issues for unknown reasons, and where opening an account using website works well. So login to your tinder account in a web browser and try updating tinder profile. If it gets updated then move to the app and do online dating freely. If you still getting errors then try next way to solve your error.

5. Configure Tinder Settings

Configure Tinder Settings

Now, lastly to solve this error you can try changing tinder settings, like check you are uploading pictures correctly or not, Is the picture file type is JPEG or PNG, check the tinder profile picture size and pixels that you are uploading. Like these, there are various things you should know. After doing these things I hope your tinder error of updating your profile work well. If still not ok then contact the tinder team and take email support.

Wrapping Up: Error Updating tinder profile on the smartphone

So, these were the various ways by following them you can solve your issue. If your issue is not solved yet, then it might be an error from tinder app, so contact the team and solve your error.

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