Solved: Moisture Detected Error on Samsung Note 20 & 20 Ultra

by Sourabh

Here’re the ways to fix Moisture Detected Error on Samsung Note 20 & 20 Ultra

The majority of Samsung flagship smartphones, including the Note 20 series, are waterproof. Being waterproof means that the company has taken all precautions to ensure that water does not enter your smartphone. Glue, gaskets, and adhesive are typically used to seal all of the areas. As we all know, water is the number one enemy of our smartphones, which is why the Samsung smartphone includes a special warning feature that brings Moisture Detected Error on Samsung Note 20 / 20 Ultra warning you about potential water damage.

The idea behind this error is simple: to notify users that there are some water droplets present and that the port must be cleaned immediately. If you get the moisture detected error, clean your device with a cotton cloth or napkin and make sure there are no water droplets. However, there are many cases where, even after thoroughly cleaning the phone, users still experience the moisture detected an error on their Samsung Note 20 / 20 Ultra.

Repair the Moisture Detected Error on the Samsung Note 20 / 20 Ultra

Moisture detected is not an error, but rather a warning mechanism that alerts you to ensure that your device is clean, dry, and protected from any potential damage. However, if you are constantly encountering this error, the following suggestions will assist you.

Using a Cloth or Napkin, clean the surface.

Because the error occurs when your smartphone is wet, you should dry it with a cotton cloth or a paper napkin. Make sure to use several paper napkins and completely dry the phone.

Earbuds can be used to clean ports and speaker holes.

Most of the phone’s outer surfaces will be dry after you wipe it down with a cloth or paper napkin. However, small ports such as the charging port, earpiece, speaker, and mic holes will still have some moisture in them. So, you can clean those areas with a cue tip or earbuds and make sure they are dry.

Allow your device to soak in rice for a few hours.

The error message should disappear once you’ve cleaned the phone with a cotton cloth and earbuds. However, in many cases, the error message will remain, indicating that moisture has entered your smartphone. This is not cause for concern because your Samsung Note 20 and 20 Ultra have varying degrees of water resistance. However, it is a wise decision to soak your smartphone in rich for a few hours, which will completely eliminate the problem.

Start your Note 20 in Safe Mode again.

If the moisture detected error is caused by a firmware issue, as it was with the Galaxy S9 before, you can still charge your phone without using a wireless charger by booting it into safe mode. When the phone is in this mode, all third-party apps and services, including those that are rarely used, are temporarily disabled.

Examine and clean the charging port.

This procedure can be used regardless of whether the problem is caused by moisture in the USB port or by a minor firmware issue. Check the charging port first to see if there is any lint, debris, or foreign objects suspended in it. If there is, remove it to see if it resolves the issue.

To remove any remaining moisture, use a hairdryer.

If there is any residual moisture, you can dry it off with a spare hairdryer. Typically, it will aid in the removal of moisture from speaker grills and mic holes. It also aids in the removal of any moisture that has become trapped in the camera module.

Allow a Samsung care representative to clean the device.

Following all of the methods outlined above, the moisture will dissipate, as will the Moisture Detected Error on your smartphone. If you still see the error message, it’s most likely due to moisture getting into your phone’s circuits, which will eventually cause some short circuits and damage. As a result, we recommend that you take your device to the nearest Samsung care center and have it checked.

Galaxy Note 20 factory reset

If, after performing the clear cache and all of the preceding solutions, the moisture detected issue persists and you are unable to charge the phone, it is time to reset the device. As long as it’s a minor firmware issue, a reset should suffice. However, if the problem persists after the reset, you will have no choice but to have it checked.

However, before you perform the reset, make a backup of your important files and data because they will be deleted and you may not be able to recover them.


This concludes our guide to resolving the Moisture Detected Error on the Samsung Note 20 / 20 Ultra. If you want to avoid making such mistakes in the future, I recommend that you keep your phone dry at all times. However, if your job or activity exposes your device to water on a regular basis, I recommend purchasing a waterproof case to avoid such problems.

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