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by Narendra
java script error

Scared with error term “JavaScript: void (0)”? Yes!

It’s nothing just a usual error code that most computer users are facing while surfing on the internet. There are a plethora of reasons that web browsers are shows errors whenever you try to visit certain website pages. Most of the time “href=” javascript: void(0)” errors are found in shopping websites, However, no worry anymore. Here in this article, we have compiled ultimate ways to solve your javascript error problem whether it appears in google chrome, firefox, or edge browser. So no further ado let’s fix this.

Javascript: Void (0) Error Problem

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1. Remove Ad Blocker

Firstly, check out your browser extensions, are unknowingly any ad blocker is running in the background. If yes, then I recommend you to disable it. In most of the cases due to adblockers there lots of problems appear. Adblocker basically blocks ads, javascript, third-party ads, and much more to provide you faster and ads-free experience. However, most webpages are not compatible with this they need complete javascript to show pages, that results you facing a Javascript: Void (0) error on the page. Now to disable the adblocker just paste below URLs in your web browser bar and where you will see the adblocker extension. Disable it.

Remove AdBlocker
For Microsoft edge: edge://extensions/
For Google chrome: chrome://extensions/

2. Enable Java Scripts In Browser

Most of the time tiny mistakes turn out to be complicated errors, that result we frustrated a lot. Unknowingly or due to third-party apps our browser javascript setting got disabled and that shows us an error whenever we try to access webpages. So here we recommend you to check out your javascript setting is it blocked or working fine. Below we described simple steps for popular browsers like google chrome, Microsoft edge, and firefox.

Steps you have to follow to enable the java scripts option in web browser:

1. In Google Chrome

Step: 1 Go to top right side three dots and choose setting options.

Step: 2 Now on the right side you will see different tabs, where click on the “Privacy and security” tab then click on “site settings“.

Step: 3 After that, scroll down and look for javascript option.

Step: 4 Then click on it and enable the option in case it’s not enabled. That’s it you have to do now just restart your chrome browser.

2. In Microsoft Edge

Step: 1 Go to top right side three dots and click on it, now just click on last third option “Settings“.

Step: 2 After that new window will open where on left side look for “site permissions” option and click on it.

Step: 3 Then just look for “javascript” option and click to change and allowed it. That’s it Now restart the browser.

3. In Firefox

Firefox browser is not so different, just like the above two browsers, here also the same procedure works, So by following the above steps you can easily turn on javascript and solve your error.

In case your javascript of browser already turned on or allowed by browser then check out the next solution to remove your javascript error.

3. Reset Browsers

If you want to get rid of JavaScript: Void 0 error in one click then resetting your web browser is an ultimate solution, Here it will automatically reset your startup page, tabs, disabled your all extensions, and clean your data and cookies in no time, that result if any error occurred due to any unknown browser setting it will easily get solved. There is another better option is to reinstall the web browser that provides you a new update and fresh settings.

To reset your browser just follow below steps correctly

1. In Google chrome

Step: 1 Go to top right side three dots then choose “settings” option.

Step: 2 New windows will open, where look on left side tabs and go to the last option “Reset and clean up” in advanced tab.

Step: 3 Now just click on “restore settings to original” that’s it, restart your browser.

2. In Microsoft edge & Firefox

To reset your web browser in Microsoft edge and firefox, you just have to follow above chrome-described steps. Here in both browsers, all the steps are the same. So follow above steps correctly.

I hope your javascript void 0 error in Windows 10 is solved completely, in case it doesn’t solve yet. Then here we have some bonus ways that might help you.

Bonus: Incognito Mode

If the above solution doesn’t work for you then we recommend you try accessing your web page in Incognito mode or also you can try tor browser where you can access website privately without interfering with any third-party application. In most of the cases Incognito mode of browser works well. To open incognito mode just go to right side three dots >> click on new incognito window or (Ctrl + Shift + N).

Incognito Mode

Turn Off Antivirus Temporary

Antivirus is also the major cause of your javascript error, antivirus make your computer system fully secured by viruses & unusual activity that have full control of your browsing webpages but most of the secured websites don’t allow any third-party application to interfere with their encrypted site, that results in you might face javascript error code. So the solution is easy just temporarily disable your antivirus in your laptop and reload the webpage.

Turn Off Antivirus Temporary

JavaScript: Void (0) Error Solved

Those were the different solutions that you should try if you getting a javascript void 0 error in your web browser while surfing websites. The reason behind these errors are due to third-party interference and accessing blocked or bad web pages that your system blocked automatically to secure from cyber attacks. I hope the above fixes would solve your error completely, Let me know in the comment section which way it works for you.


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