Solved: Hulu Not Working In Chrome

by Narendra

There is some error, users are facing like “Hulu not working at all in chrome browser” or Hulu not playing video in chrome it freezes every time and just like many more problems are seeing while opening Hulu website in google chrome browser. But don’t worry anymore, we come up with some recommended solution that you can try in your chrome browser.

Most of the time unknowingly other windows apps and software changes browser settings or there might be different problem browser facing, for that we recommend you to follow the below steps correctly to solve your Hulu not working error in chrome. So no further late, let’s begin.

Hulu Not Working In Chrome

1. Disable Ad-Blocker

No doubt, ad blockers helps us to remove unusual disturbing ads from websites but most of the websites not allowed adblockers to access, ad blocker basically remove ads, scripts and much more useful thing to run website.

Disable Ad-Blocker

So, in case of your Hulu not working in the chrome browser might be happening due to adblocker, So In case if you are using adblocker while accessing the Hulu website then I recommend you to remove or disable while opening Hulu.

2. Update Browser

Every couple of months, web browsers provide us a new update where it fixed bugs and add some new features that help to run browsers flawlessly. But sometimes we forget to do an update and that might also be the problem “Hulu not working properly”.

So, here I recommend you to update your chrome web browser, to do just follow below steps correctly:

Step: 1 Go to top right side of browser and click on three dots.

click on dot

Step: 2 Now just click at “help” option >> then about google chrome.

update browser

Step: 3 After that new window will open where it will automatically check new update if is there, you just need to click on update to update your browser to new version.


That’s it now just restart your browser and try opening the Hulu website, is it working well now, if it still not work well then follow next way.

3. Open Website In Guest Mode

Guest mode is another multi-chrome profile feature in which chrome does not have history, cache, and customize setting options, it is just like incognito mode. The error most of the time appear due to unknowingly we change some settings or might be some bug is obtaining a problem.

For that, here I recommend you to try opening Hulu website by using the guest mode feature or you can also use an incognito mode that might solve your problem. To open guest mode in chrome browser just follow below steps:

Step: 1 Go to top right side corner “Current user” option and click on it.

guest mode

Step: 2 After that just look for the guest option in the bottom bars. As you click on “guest” it will open a new private window profile for you, where you can try opening Hulu website.

That’s it you have to do, it might solve your problem if your old chrome profile has some bug. If you are still not able to play Hulu video then check out the next way.

4. Reset Chrome Flags

Most of the chrome users don’t know the hidden experimental feature of google chrome, “Chrome Flagsbut it exists through which users can do advanced customization of browser. Now, problem arises when user manually changes chrome flags setting or turns on an extension that might change the chrome flags option. In case error on browser might be happening, for that I recommend you to reset your chrome flags that might solve your problem “hulu not working or playing video”.

To reset chrome flags just follow below steps correctly.

Step: 1 Firstly, type ” chrome://flags/ ” in top of address bar of chrome browser.

Step: 2 Now new chrome flags window will open where you will see lots of chrome flags option, Now where on the top right side you will see the option of “Reset All“. To reset all flags just click on it and restart your browser.

reset all

That’s it you have to do, after just enter your hulu website and check is your problem solved completely or not.

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5. Disable Extensions

No doubt, chrome provides user tons of extensions to use that improve browsing experience, but in the same, some chrome extensions are poorly developed or not compatible with the browser that result it might disturb the browser and start causing issue like “Hulu freezes every time playing video” For that, we recommend you to disable chrome extensions or try to open the site in incognito or guest mode.

To remove chrome extension from browser follow below steps correctly:

Step: 1 Go to top right corner of tab, where you will see “Extension option” click on it.

Step: 2 As you click on the extension option you will some extension but in your case, if you use too much then click on manage extension “Last option“.

remove extension

Now by just clicking on remove option, you can easily remove chrome extension whichever you want, but to solve this problem I recommend you to remove all of your and restart browser and check is your site is working well or not. If still getting error then follow next way.

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6. Update Adobe Flash Player

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To properly run videos in browser, adobe flash player plays a vital role in it, but some time due to older version or not updated from a long time might start causing error like the Hulu app not streaming in chrome properly. For that here we recommend you to check the latest update of adobe flash player by visiting chrome://components/

Update Adobe Flash Player

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7. Clean Browsing Data (Completely)

Error in Chrome browser of not playing videos or not opening websites are mostly happening due to corrupt data & cache stored in browser and that repeatedly use to open a website, & that result your site not originally update. For that we recommend you to clean your browsing data completely and restart your browser and check is your problem solved or not.

To clean browsing data just go to upper right three dots >> settings >> privacy and security tab >> click clean browsing data >> check time range (all time) that’s it. after that just restart your web browser.

8. Reinstall & Uninstall with Software


If non of the above method solve your problem then lastly, I recommend you to reinstall your chrome browser using software that helps you to clean or delete chrome files completely from your pc. If you try to uninstall browser without using software then it might chances that not all files will delete from your computer and after new installation, you might see same error. So use uninstall software and clean install latest version of browser.

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