Solved: Youtube An Error Occurred Playback id

by Narendra

Hey! are you also getting an error of “occurred playback id please try again later (learn more)” on youtube constantly whenever you play a new video, if yes, then this article surely helps you to fix that frustrating error.

On the PC, most of the errors are occurred due to multiple disturbing settings and damage data. In your case, an error might be happening due to damage of your browser, whether you are using google chrome, edge, firefox, or internet explorer, also there might be a plethora of reasons to get a Youtube playback id error in windows 10.

Worry not, we promise to solve your problem in an easy way, So here in this article, we list out the various ways that will solve your error completely, No further ado let’s begin.

1. Clean Your Browser Cache & Data

Whenever you open any website or program in a web browser, then the browser has work to store the cache files and where most of the errors occur, Sometimes those cache files and browsing data get corrupted by some reason, after that it shows errors to play video or while opening website.

So to fix your Youtube playback id error, I suggest you to clean your browser cache files and data, whether you are using any of the browsers.

Steps To Clean Cache & data in Chrome Browser:

Step 1. Firstly go to your “google chrome setting” from upper three dots.

Step 2. After that open “settings” Now look for privacy and security tab, click on that.

Step 3. Now you are seeing tab “clean browsing data” open it and tick all the options especially “cached image and files“. Make sure you change the time range to all times.

Step 4. After that just click on “Clear Data” that’s it now just restart web browser and check your youtube if it’s working. If not then check out the next method to solve the error.

2. Remove Ad-blocker

No doubt, ad blocker is very helpful to remove unusual ads on sites and youtube, but sometimes by removing ad scripts from sites might cause issues, because it’s an illegal way to do. So in that case if you are using an ad blocker on your youtube then I suggest you to disable it and clear your cache memory then restart your web browser, it might solve your youtube error playback id problem. If it does not solve yet check out the next method.

3. Change DNS Server

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Default DNS server might be one the problem to get youtube playback id issue, sometimes default or automatic DNS server gets blocked and that result multiple issues occurred for that to solve you should have to manually set your DNS server. Here we are performing to set google DNS server that is much secure and faster to change DNS server in your computer follow below steps:

Follow steps to change DNS server:

Step 1. Firstly go to setting and choose option “network & internet“.

Step 2. Now click on “change adapter options“.

Step 3. Look for an option through which your PC has internet access, in my case, it’s Wi-Fi so, right-click on it and go to properties.

Step 4. Now look for internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on it, then go to properties.

Step 5. Here just change the DNS server from automatic to manual and enter preferred DNS server is and in alternate DNS server after that just click on ok.

Now just restart your web browser and check out the youtube error solved or not if it’s not solved yet, then go for the next solution.

4. Reset Flags In Your Browser

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In google chrome browser, there are many more experimental features are available that improve performance and comfortability that enable and disable by chrome://flags/ tab. In your browser, it might be set as default but sometimes due to an update of browser or getting new feature it changes, and that might not support your browser properly, which implies your browser shows an error while playing video or opening websites. So to get rid of these errors. I suggest you to reset your chrome flags.

To reset chrome flags, just go to “chrome://flags/” then on the top right side you will see the reset all option.

5. Update Web Browser

Sometimes we forget to update our web browsers that result causing multiple errors in the browser, So I suggest you to check out your web browser update or not, if it’s not then right now update it and restart your browser.

To update your chrome browser follow these steps:

Step 1. Open Google chrome and go to upper right side three dots, click on it.

Step 2. Now look for “help” option and go to “about google chrome”, after clicking on it new window will open to update your web browser.

Step 3. Now just click on update browser, After that it will automatically update your browser.

Step 4. After all you done that, restart your browser to use new updated version.

6. Delete Unused Extensions

Delete Unused Extensions

No doubt, every web browser uses extensions, and it helps a lot to do work fast. But using tons of extensions without any update or not using from a while might cause an issue in some way, for instance, playback id error. So if you are one who uses a lot of extensions whether it’s in google chrome, firefox, opera, and any other then we recommend you to remove it now and restart your browser and check is your error solved or not.

7. Reinstall & Restart Laptop

If you follow all the above methods still not anyone works for you to solve your error, then last way is to reinstall your web browser and restart your computer, fresh installation might help you from your all errors. So go and do a fresh installation from the official website.


Wrapping up: Youtube An Error Occurred Playback id

After following these methods, I hope your youtube playback id error is solved, if it still does not work well then you can also go and report your web browser so that the company assistant will look up and solve your error properly. If your error is solved properly by using the above methods then don’t forget to comment below and share with us which method works for you.

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