Solved: Disney Plus Login Button Not Working

by Narendra
Disney plus

Recently, most of the users are facing an error while login to Disney plus account, the issue appears as user are trying to open Disney plus website and click on the login button, after that it stuck and nothing happens they are not able to log in to Disney plus website, this issue reportedly occurs in some browser like google chrome, firefox, Edge, with both types of connection user wifi and mobile data.

But don’t worry anymore, here in this article we are come up with some best working fixes that help you to solve Disney plus login button not working error. So no further ado let’s begin.

Disney Plus Login Not Working

1. Disable Ad Blocker

Disable Ad Blocker

The most common reason of website page not responding or login button not working is due to users are using ad blockers to blocks website ads. Adblocker basically removes most of the scripts and codes but some websites like Disney plus not allowed users to use adblocker on their website, and that result it not respond properly as it can. So if you are the one who uses ad blocker then I suggest you firstly remove or disable ad blocker and then refresh the page and try again to login to Disney plus account.

2. Disable Extensions

The second most common reason that occurs a problem in website login screen is corrupted extensions, No doubt extensions in browser increase browsing experience but sometimes corrupt or bad extension changes the settings and stops the scripts to work and that result you might face Disney plus login problem or button not working, for that.

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Disable Extensions

We recommend you to try disabling extension one by one and check Disney plus login button is working or not. For a more easy way just disable all extensions at once and restart the browser & check is login button working correctly or not. If you still get a login page error then check out the next way to solve.

3. Clear Cache and Data

Every browser collects cache memory for providing better second-time user experience, but unfortunately some time due to the bug or unknown error is also stored in cache files and it repeatedly showing same site with error. So to get rid of, cleaning cache data is also a necessary step user has to do to solve the site problem. So to clean cache data in the browser just follow below steps correctly:

Step: 1 Go to top right corner and click on three dots then select “settings” option.

Step: 2 After that select tab “privacy and security” from left side, then click on clear browsing data.

Step: 3 In clear browsing data option make sure you check “All time” time range and delete overall browsing data include cache, history, and files.

That’s it now just restart browser and open Disney plus site and try to do login again. Is it work? If you still stuck on the login button then check out next solution.

4. Disable VPN

You might don’t know but Disney plus blocked every user that tries to access Disney plus site using VPN, So if you are the one who is using any type of VPN to access Disney plus content then I recommend you to disable it and refresh the browsing page and try again to log in into Disney plus, hopefully, it would work, If still login button not working then check out next way.

Disable VPN

5. Use Guest Or Incognito Mode

Errors in browser are occurred by some third-party software or malware that create problem every time user visit on browsing profile, so to get rid and safely visit website, guest mode or incognito mode is the best way to solve these types of error, where browser create a temporary profile without saving history, cache or not allowed any third-party apps. So here I recommend you to open Disney plus site on incognito mode and try login is login button works here?

To open incognito mode just visit three dots on upper right corner >> then look for new incognito window.

6. Download New Browser

Ok, all the above methods don’t work to solve Disney plus login button issue, then there might be some problem in browser, we suggest you to go with some new latest version browser like tor or any other, and try to open Disney plus site in that. Hopefully, it might work.

7. Reset Router

Now, after doing all the way to browser, and still getting error or stuck on page then there might be an issue in your network router, that is blocking your site to access properly, For that I suggest you to reset your router if you are using one, and try to connect website again, check is issue solved?

8. Change Internet

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Lastly, still getting issue then we think that its the problem occurring from your ISP, Sometimes ISP is also blocking some websites that highly use data. For that we recommend you to change your ISP right now. Like if you are using mobile data then try to use data from different SIM using hotspot. It might solve your problem completely.

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