slice of life sims 4 kawaiistacie

by Narendra

slice of life sims 4 kawaiistacie: If you play Sims a lot, the best way to make it more interesting is to add mods that change the game and add some drama. If you want drama, the slice of life mod will give you just that. This mod adds a ton of new interactions and completely changes the game for anyone who plays The Sims.

One great thing about this mod is that it works with the base game. This means that you can get all of these features even if you only have the base version of The Sims 4 and none of the extra content you can download.

This mod was made by KawaiiStacie, who is a very skilled mod maker. Stacie is a great Sims player, and I really like and respect her as a great creator. If you want to help her and her mods, you should sign up to support her on Patreon. You can get new mods before anyone else and do a lot more.

Here’s a list of the changes to the emotions system that the slice of life mod makes:

  • Embarrassed to Humiliated
  • Energized to Pumped
  • Uncomfortable to Miserable
  • Inspired to Imaginative
  • Confident to Fearless
  • Playful to Silly
  • Angry to Furious
  • Sad to Depressed
  • Tense to Stressed
  • Flirty to Passionate
  • Focused to In The Zone

Slice of life sims 4 kawaiistacie

What does slice of life do Sims 4?

In Slice of Life, your sims can go to the hospital (for a fee) when they are sick or get a vaccine to keep themselves or their children from getting sick often in the future. They can also try to feel better by taking a pill to get rid of some of their symptoms.

What is included in slice of life mod Sims 4?

Some of the new things in The Sims 4’s Slice of Life mod are a sickness system, menstrual cycles, insecurities, and memories that can change a Sim’s mood. There are also different feelings, and Sims’ bodies will change to show how they feel.

What can you do with slice of life mod?

With the Slice of Life mod, Sims have more ways to say “WooHoo” than they do in the base game. When this mod is turned on, it adds three new options: “Self WooHoo,” “Drunk WooHoo,” and “Drunk Risky WooHoo.” Your Sims can also have random or self-directed Woohoos or risky hookups with new Sims.

What makes a good slice of life?

Slice-of-life pieces don’t have to take place in bright, interesting places. Still, something about where the characters are should be interesting. Great slice-of-life pieces give you a look at the small, everyday things that you might not notice in a bigger story.