Slack Is Trying to Add a New Helper Tool: Solved

by Narendra

Several users have been reporting that the Slack Is Trying to Add a New Helper Tool is pop up everyday. This issue might occur with several reasons. But not worry, here in this article we have lined up the all the working solution to fix the Slack Is Trying to Add a New Helper Tool on Ma . So no further ado let’s begin.

The complete problem showing is this:

An update is ready to install. Slack is trying to add a new helper tool.

Enter an administrator’s name and password to allow this.

Add Helper

The Solution: Enable Root

  1. Enable root on MAC:
  2. cd /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools
  3. su root This step requires login with admin privileges
  4. rm

Change Ownership

The chown command is used to alter ownership. To change ownership of, you would execute the following command: In a Terminal window, run sudo chown -R $USER:staff /Applications/ If $USER is not automatically changed with your username, simply replace it with your computer’s username.

By executing ls -la on /Applications/, you may determine the current owner. If you see root, you should likely execute the command above.

Important Note

This occurs when root owns /Applications/ rather than the user. Change the ownership of the app to your user’s directory, and this should go away. Slack claims to be working on a fix, possibly for 2.3.5, but their current solution of removing and reinstalling from the app store only works because it ensures the re-installed app is owned by the user.

Remove and reinstall Slack

  1. Launch Finder
  2. (To use the type finder, press Command – Space Bar.)
  3. Locate the Slack app in the left side pane by clicking on Applications.
  4. If the Applications folder does not appear in the sidebar, go to the top menu and select Go, then Applications.
  5. Control – in the Finder, click on the Slack app to bring up a menu.
  6. Select Move to Trash.

Reinstall Slack

  1. Launch the App Store. (Type App Store into the Command – Space Bar.)
  2. Enter slack in the top-left search field of the App Store window and press return.
  3. Next to Slack for Desktop, click GET. Slack will appear in your Applications folder once the download is complete.

So these were the some reasons and solutions to fix the issue Slack Is Trying to Add a New Helper Tool. I hope now your issue is solved completely.

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