Skate 4 is now accepting playtesters and has released pre-pre-pre-alpha footage

by Narendra

The official YouTube channel recently posted a brief update on the game’s progress, including behind-the-scenes footage of an early build. In other words, “pre-pre-pre-alpha.” While this means it won’t be available for a long time, EA is giving fans the opportunity to try it out early.

We’re Working On It – Skate Trailer

You can sign up for EA’s insider program on their website to get a feel for the game and share your feedback with the developers. Signing up does not guarantee that you will be chosen to participate in early previews, but it is better than not signing up at all. Another disadvantage is that previews will only be available for PC, though more platforms will be added in the future.

Because development is still in its early stages, EA is not referring to these preview sessions as beta or even alpha tests. The game is “very early in development,” according to the FAQ page, and the studio is “bringing players into the game much sooner than is the norm in our industry.” The FAQ blurb emphasizes the significance of feedback prior to the game’s release.

Unsurprisingly, EA will want to keep these test sessions under wraps and will insist that those who participate do not discuss them. So no filming, streaming, or even typing what you know into a Twitter post. However, history has shown that at least one or two will break the rules and leak details anyway.

Skate has already experienced this. In the year 2020, a short gameplay clip made its way online. But it’s been two years, so that footage probably doesn’t represent how the game is now.