Sims Have Buggy Face, Distorted Toddler Faces : Solved

by Narendra

Many players are talking about a big problem in their game. The problem is that Sims have buggy face. This means that the faces of the Sims, especially the little kids called toddlers, look very wrong and not like they should. People are very surprised and confused about why this is happening.

The game was working fine, but after a recent update, the Sims have buggy face issue started. Everyone wants to fix it because it makes the game look strange and not fun to play.

So, what can we do when our Sims have buggy face? Let’s find out more about what this problem is and how we can solve it.

What Is Sims Have Buggy Face?

The Sims have buggy face is a big problem in the game. It means the faces of Sims, the characters you play with, look broken or very weird.

This mostly happens to the toddler Sims, the young ones. Their faces might look all mixed up, which is not nice at all. It’s like the game gets confused and doesn’t show their faces right.

No one wants their Sims to look bad. This problem started after an update, which is a change the game makers do to add new things or fix old problems. But sometimes, updates can cause new problems like the Sims have buggy face.

10 Solutions for Sims Have Buggy Face?

If your game has the Sims have buggy face issue, don’t worry. There are ways to fix it. Here are 10 solutions.

Update Your Mods:

Make sure all your game extras, called mods, are up to date. An old mod can cause the buggy face problem.

Remove Certain Mods:

Some mods are known to cause trouble. For example, the No EA eyelashes by Cien or the Skin Details.package might be the problem. If you have these, try taking them out of your game.

Use Updated Eyelash Mods:

If you use eyelash mods, make sure they are the latest version. An updated version from adelar or the correct No EA Eyelashes can help.

Check For Unknown Mods:

If you have mods or game extras you don’t know much about, they could be causing the issue. Look through your mods and see if removing some fixes the problem.

Try a Maxis Face Preset:

After removing or updating mods, you might need to change your Sim’s face to one made by the game makers, called a Maxis preset, to see if that fixes the face.

By trying these solutions, you can help your Sims look normal again and enjoy your game.

Reset Your Sims’ Appearance:

One straightforward approach is to manually adjust the affected Sims’ appearance in Create-A-Sim (CAS). Sometimes, simply tweaking facial features or reapplying the face template can resolve graphical glitches without needing to remove any content.

Clear Game Cache:

The Sims 4 generates cache files to load the game faster, but these files can sometimes become corrupted and cause display issues. Clearing the game cache can fix these problems. To do this, delete the “localthumbcache.package” file from the Sims 4 folder in your Documents/Electronic Arts directory and restart the game.

Repair Your Game:

Use the game client (like Origin or Steam) to repair your Sims 4 installation. This process checks for corrupted or missing game files and replaces them without affecting your saved games, mods, or custom content.

Disable Custom Content:

Custom content (CC) and mods can often cause graphical issues. To test if CC is the problem, disable it in your game options and restart the game. If the problem goes away, you can re-enable your CC piece by piece to identify the problematic item.

Update Graphics Drivers:

Outdated or corrupted graphics drivers can lead to rendering issues in games, including buggy appearances. Check for updates for your graphics card through the manufacturer’s website or a driver management tool and install any available updates.

By systematically applying these solutions, you can identify and potentially fix the cause of the buggy faces in your Sims game, improving your overall gameplay experience.

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