Sims 4 werewolf cc: Complete guide

by Narendra

Sims 4 werewolf cc: The Sims’ modding community has been there to fill in the gaps left by Maxis in a series about simulating anything you can imagine or being whoever you want to be.

We’ve been playing The Sims 4 for a few years now, and the Sims 4 CC community has filled in a lot of content gaps. There are thousands of ways to customize your Sims’ appearances, the furniture you can put in their homes, and even the recipes, activities, and lifestyles you can choose from.

It can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to downloading Sims 4 custom content and mods, so we’ve put together a one-stop shop that will tell you everything you need to know about custom content, how to download it, and how to install it.

Sims 4 werewolf CC Folder

Custom content and mods for The Sims 4 should be as simple as clicking the download button on whichever website you’re on. The files will be saved in your designated downloads folder on your PC or Mac, but they will need to be moved to the correct folder for the game to recognize them.

Go to your ‘Documents’ folder, select ‘Electronic Arts,’ and then ‘The Sims 4’ to find it. Custom content is organized into two folders: ‘Tray’ for Lots and Sims, and’mods’ for everything else.

How to install Sims 4 werewolf CC

Custom content

The.package file extension is used by most custom content (such as clothing and objects) and mods. These don’t need to be installed; they just need to be placed in the mods folder, or a relevant subfolder within that, to work.

Lots and Sims

Various types of files are used in Downloaded Lots and Sims. Sims can be.hhi,.householidbinary,.sgi, or.trayitem file types, while lots can be.blueprint,.bpi, or.trayitem files. Again, installing these files is as simple as putting them in the Tray folder, or a relevant subfolder within it.

Script mods

Script mods come in a variety of file formats, including.ts4script,.pyo,.py, and.pyc. .ts4script files can be placed in the mods folder alongside.package files, but.pyo,.py, and.pyc files must be kept in their zipped/archive folder within the mods folder.

It’s worth noting that The Sims 4 no longer supports the.pyo file format, so any script mods that use it are likely to be outdated.

Organizing custom content and mods

Custom content and mods aren’t without issues, so we strongly advise you to organize your downloaded content and create subfolders to categorize the different types of content you’ve downloaded, such as hairstyles, clothing, and objects.

How to locate Sims 4 werewolf custom content in-game

You can check if your Sims 4 werewolf custom content and mods are installed properly in-game by pressing ESC, then going to ‘Game Options,’ then ‘Other,’ and clicking ‘View custom content.’ The game should display a list of everything it has installed successfully.

In Create-A-Sim mode, all content relating to a Sim’s visuals, from skinstones to accessories and clothing, will be available. In Buy and Build Mode, you can view downloaded objects, which you can filter by custom content by going to ‘Filter Items’ on the right hand side, selecting ‘Content,’ and then ticking ‘custom content’ from the drop down menu.

Sims 4 werewolf CC

There are a lot of places where you can get custom content and mods for The Sims 4, and we’ve listed some of the best ones below: One of the most popular Sims 4 custom content sites, with what appears to be an endless supply of Sims 4 CC to explore.

Another large site for custom content is Thesimsresource. A site in the style of a blogroll that collects new custom content from a variety of sources. This website is especially helpful for locating individual content creators.

Tumblr: Yes, you heard that right. Tumblr still has a thriving Sims community, with everything from photo editing to role-playing to custom content creation. #The Sims 4, #Sims 4 custom content, #TS4 CC are recommended tags.

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