Sims 4 realistic birth mod: Download

by Narendra

Sims 4 realistic birth mod: Some Simmers may even say that the big birthing machine in the game is scarier than the real thing.

Now, the funny way in which the baby is born makes sense because the game is trying to appeal to a younger audience. However, some people think that realistic childbirth is not at all taboo and that kids don’t need to be kept away from a normal part of life. If you play The Sims 4 on PC and feel this way, you’ll be interested to know that there is a mod that makes childbirth more realistic.

The Realistic Childbirth mod by PandaSama lets your Sims give birth naturally or by c-section, with epidurals, heartwarming moodlets, companion Sims who will be there for the birth, and more.

We’re going to show you everything about the mod and how to use it.

Sims 4 realistic birth mod

You will need to install the Sims 4 realistic birth mod before you can do anything else. Make sure that script mods are turned on in your game settings, and then download the mod from PandaSama’s Patreon and unzip it. Put the two files in your Mods folder and make sure there is no more than one subfolder inside the Mods folder. So, that’s all! The mod is now in place! If you are new to mods and CC and need more help, check out our article Getting Started with Mods and CC.

The Get to Work expansion pack is needed for the Realistic Childbirth mod, but it is free for anyone to download right now.

How do you get the realistic birth in Sims 4?

To go for a walk, you just need to click on your pregnant Sim and choose Take A Walk. They will walk around the hospital for a while, both inside and outside. Even if your Sim does all of these things, it can still take a long time for her to be fully dilated and give birth.

How do you realistically give birth in Sims 4

How do you have baby at hospital Sims 4?

If you have the Get to Work expansion pack installed, Sims can go to the hospital to give birth if they want to. Once the Sim is in labor, choose the self-interaction “Have Baby at Hospital” and pick any Sims you want to go with them. They will then go to the hospital right away.

Sims 4 realistic birth mod: Download

During the third trimester, the sim will reach Gone Into Labour at some point. When this happens, the sim will be in a lot of pain until she gives birth. If you have a bassinet at home, you can give birth there or at the hospital. Either way, you’ll have a baby.

What happens if your Sim doesn’t give birth?

Click on her and select “take her to the hospital.” She should bring the child back. When mine wouldn’t give birth in the house, I had to do that. This also happens sometimes with my Sims.

How do you force a Sim to give birth?

Once a Sim is pregnant, you usually have to wait a few days for the Sim to go into labor. But not if you use the cheat Sims.add buff buff pregnancy inlabor. You can click on the Sim and have the baby right away by doing so.