Shelley Howard Chicago Died ? News

by Narendra

Shelley Howard Chicago Died ? News Shelley Howard was a prolific graphic artist and the owner of ShelleyVision in Chicago. On October 15, 2023, he passed away surrounded by his family, leaving behind a legacy that had a profound impact on the creative and entertainment scenes, not only in Chicago but far beyond.

This article aims to celebrate Shelley Howard’s life and work.

Shelley Howard Chicago Early Life and Career

Shelley Howard’s journey began in the early 1970s within the fashion industry. He was a master of creating captivating advertisements and catalogs for Chicago’s leading boutiques and designers. His career was nothing short of impressive, spanning over three decades.

One of his notable achievements was co-founding Jam Magazine alongside Arny Granat and Jerry Mickelson. This collaboration lasted for over 30 years, demonstrating his dedication and passion for the creative arts.

Creative Influence in Chicago

Shelley’s creative influence was particularly prominent in the city of Chicago. He left an indelible mark on the design scene by contributing his artistic genius to iconic venues such as the Tweeter Center, Allstate Arena, and the Chicago Theatre, among others. His designs added a touch of magic to these places, making them more than just venues; they became works of art in themselves.

Influence Beyond Chicago

Shelley’s artistic contributions extended beyond Chicago’s borders, reaching cities like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Madison, Omaha, Iowa, and various college towns across the Midwest. His talent knew no bounds, and he lent his design expertise to esteemed artists like Prince, Tom Petty, and R.E.M., in addition to various local bands and club acts.

The Video Dancestand Concept

During the 1980s, Shelley introduced the innovative Video Dancestand, a novel concept that catered to dance-club audiences. It was a revolutionary idea that brought music and visuals together, drawing large crowds at venues like Park West, Metro, and Great America. The Video Dancestand was a testament to Shelley’s ability to think outside the box and create experiences that resonated with people.

Shelley’s Social Presence

Shelley Howard wasn’t just a behind-the-scenes artist; he was an active presence in the club, concert, restaurant, and party circuit. His vibrant social life was well-documented through candid photographs, showing the world that creativity and social engagement could go hand in hand.


Shelley Howard’s legacy is one of artistic innovation and lasting contributions to the creative and entertainment scenes in Chicago and beyond. His work transformed the mundane into the extraordinary, and his influence remains palpable in the venues he touched and the artists he collaborated with. As we remember Shelley Howard, we should cherish the creative vision he shared with the world.

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