Second Wind Revealed from Former Escapist Team Members : Latest Update

by Anchal Thakur

Second Wind Revealed from Former Escapist Team Members: Change is a constant in the world of entertainment and media, and for fans of The Escapist, recent developments have been nothing short of tumultuous. In this guide, we’ll dive into the events that have unfolded, the birth of “Second Wind,” and what the future holds for these beloved creators.

It all began with the firing of Editor-in-Chief Nick Calandra, a move that sent shockwaves through The Escapist’s loyal fanbase. Nick had been a prominent figure at the publication, and his departure left many wondering about the future of the platform.

Mass Resignations

The upheaval continued as nearly every team member at The Escapist resigned in rapid succession. This included the renowned Yahtzee Croshaw, whose witty and sharp reviews in the “Zero Punctuation” series had drawn a massive following over the years. It marked the end of an era for fans of the series.

Rise of “Second Wind”

Amidst the chaos, the former Escapist team wasted no time in announcing their next venture, aptly named “Second Wind.” Their emblem, a stylized phoenix, symbolizes rebirth and renewal. It’s a clear sign that they are not ready to be silenced by the recent changes.

The Future of The Escapist

While The Escapist may continue to exist, it’s evident that without the key creators who drew people to the site, it may struggle to regain its previous popularity. The future remains uncertain for this once-thriving platform.

“Second Wind” Emerges

However, one thing is for sure: the team, still led by Nick Calandra, is not slowing down. They’ve embarked on a new journey with “Second Wind,” and this venture is set to be something unique. “Second Wind” is described as “employee-owned and fully independent,” which is welcome news for many fans and supporters.

Where to Find “Second Wind”

For those who want to stay updated with “Second Wind” and show their support, they can follow the new venture on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter. Additionally, there’s an option to support them on Patreon if you have the means to contribute.

The Unveiling of Future Plans

The exact details of what “Second Wind” has in store for its audience are yet to be revealed. Nick and Yahtzee will be hosting a livestream event, where they will presumably outline their future plans. While “Zero Punctuation” will be missed, there’s hope that “Second Wind” will bring something equally captivating and entertaining.

In a world dominated by large corporations, the emergence of “Second Wind” underscores the importance of supporting independent companies and creators. The creative freedom and unique content they offer are valued by many, and the audience plays a crucial role in their success.

The GAMURS Group Acquisition

It’s worth noting that The Escapist was acquired by the GAMURS Group in September 2023, which marked a significant change in the platform’s ownership. The consequences of this acquisition played a role in the events that unfolded.


The world of online media is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, and The Escapist’s recent developments are a testament to this. As “Second Wind” takes flight, it’s an opportunity for fans to embark on a new journey with the creators they’ve come to admire. While the future may be uncertain, the spirit of creativity and independence lives on in “Second Wind.”

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