SD Gundam Battle Alliance: Details About the Original Cast Are Out

by Narendra

Bandai Namco has just recently made new information regarding SD Gundam Battle Alliance available to the public. The information that was made public related to the game’s primary protagonist, his crew, and the game’s main antagonist. Additionally, a detailed synopsis of the game’s plot was made public, allowing fans to anticipate what challenges they will face when the game is finally released.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance: Details About the Original Cast

Yuno Astarte 

One of the best programmers in the world. After graduating from college by skipping grades, she was assigned to the Gather Road Corps for the purpose of collecting and analyzing data on the front lines at a federal technical institute for private recruitment. Operations are carried out by her as a childhood friend of the main character.

Sakura Slash 

As soon as the protagonists were dragged into the universe, an AI program with a friendly and positive personality appeared to help them. One of the Gundams’ navigators, who tells Yuno and others about the Gundams’ history. The program code for her is “SACRA / 1351420.”


Yuno’s personal effects include a pet robot that can be bought at a store. Since Yuno’s “educational computer” kit replaced it, he can communicate a great deal more and is filled with emotions. Alternatively, you can use it as a laptop computer or a voice-activated computer.

GR Corps

Special service platoon of the Earth Federation Forces “Independent Mixed Mechanization Technology Support Platoon” (GR Corps) known as “Gather Road Corps” (GR Corps). “Yuno Astarte,” a genius programmer, is also a member of the platoon, along with the platoon’s pilots and the platoon leader. “Yatagarasu,” the motif of the unit emblem, is depicted in a black-colored gym.

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Original Mobile Suits of the SD Gundam Battle Alliance

RGM-79GR GM (GRC ver.)

The “Independent Mixed Mechanization Technology Support Platoon” uses this GM unit to collect battle data and operational data. Unit emblem of the so-called gathered road corps states that a black color is usually applied to a gym’s red section and a unit decal is placed on the left shoulder.

GUZ-PT / 0000002 Gundam Latria

The main characters are confronted by an enigmatic mobile suit. Additionally, the beam saver and beam bardiche for proximity, as well as the beam rapid gun and quad mega launcher, are available for close combat.

To be released on August 25, 2022, SD Gundam Battle Alliance will be available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (through Steam). There will be pre-order bonuses for all standard and deluxe editions of the game, so you can get it early.