Scythe Buff In New OSRS Update: Complete Guide

by Sourabh
Old School RuneScape

The Scythe Buff OSRS has been a hot topic for Old School RuneScape players. This update, eagerly awaited by the gaming community, has finally arrived, bringing significant changes.

The Scythe Buff OSRS not only enhances the gameplay experience but also shifts the dynamics of combat strategies within the game.

As we delve deeper, we’ll explore how the Scythe Buff OSRS has revolutionized one of the game’s most iconic weapons.

What Is Scythe Of Vitur In OSRS?

The Scythe of Vitur in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a mighty weapon, known for its prowess in battle. It’s a two-handed slash weapon, perfect for close combat, especially when you’re up against lots of enemies.

The unique thing about the Scythe is that it can hit up to three enemies at once in a 1 x 3 arc, making it super effective in group fights.

Plus, if you’re fighting big monsters that take up more space, the Scythe does even more damage. It can hit large creatures three times in a single attack.

But remember, it can only hit a maximum of 3 enemies with one swing. To use this powerful weapon, players need to have 80 attack points and 90 strength points. It’s a game-changer in OSRS for sure!

Scythe Buff In New OSRS Update

The new update in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has brought a much-anticipated Scythe Buff. This buff has made the Scythe of Vitur not just better, but one of the best weapons in the game!

What’s new? Well, there’s an increase of +15 Slash Accuracy, boosting the Scythe’s damage output. This makes it more dangerous in battles.

For low-defense bosses like the Big Nylocas, the Scythe’s DPS (damage per second) goes up by 0.2%. And for tougher guys like General Graardor, it jumps by a whopping 7%! Now, the Scythe is your go-to weapon for taking down those tough enemies. This buff is a big deal for OSRS players!

The Scythe Accuracy Buff Is Too Low

Despite the excitement about the Scythe Buff in OSRS, some players feel the accuracy boost is too low. The update added +15 Slash Accuracy, but many argue it’s not enough.

This minor increase doesn’t seem to match the expectations of players who were hoping for a more significant improvement.

For high-level combat, especially against bosses with higher defense, a small accuracy increase might not make a big difference.

Players believe that for a weapon as iconic and powerful as the Scythe of Vitur, a more substantial buff would be more appropriate.

This feedback from the community shows how important it is for game updates to meet the high standards and expectations of dedicated players.

Scythe and Fang Rebalancing – OSRS Update

In the latest OSRS update, not only the Scythe got a buff, but there’s also news about the Fang. The update made some changes to Osmumten’s Fang.

They removed its double accuracy roll effect. This rebalancing is big news for players. It means while the Scythe got stronger, the Fang got a bit of a change too.

It’s all about keeping the game fair and fun. These changes, along with the Scythe buff, show that the game makers are always trying to make things better for players.

They listen to what players say and try to keep the game exciting and balanced.

How To Get Scythe Affordable?

With the Scythe Buff in New OSRS Update, charging your Scythe of Vitur has become easier on your pocket. In the past, charging this mighty weapon could cost a lot, but not anymore!

Thanks to the Scythe Buff in New OSRS Update, you now need only one Vial of Blood and 200 Blood Runes for 100 charges. That’s like getting a 100 Blood Rune Discount!

This makes the Scythe more affordable for many players. You don’t have to charge your Scythe all the time either. Just recharge it when the hits are low, so you save even more.

This change in the charging system, part of the Scythe Buff in New OSRS Update, means more players can enjoy using this powerful weapon without worrying too much about the cost.

Fix Scythe to be More In-Line with Bow/Shadow

To fix the Scythe so it’s more like the Bow or Shadow in OSRS, there’s a few things the devs could do. First, they need to look at the power balance.

The Bow and Shadow are pretty strong, right? So, the Scythe needs a bit more punch to match up. Maybe adding more damage or better accuracy could help.

Also, they could tweak the speed or the way the Scythe hits. It’s all about making it as useful as the Bow and Shadow. Players want choices in their weapons.

No one wants just one best thing; they want options. If the Scythe is as good as the Bow or Shadow, players will have more fun picking what to use.

It’s important for the game to have different but equally cool weapons. So, making the Scythe better would really help keep things exciting and fair.


  1. How do I get the Scythe in OSRS? To get the Scythe, you need to beat certain bosses and hope for a drop. It’s rare, so it might take a while.
  2. Can the Scythe hit multiple enemies? Yes! The Scythe can hit up to three enemies in a 1×3 arc. That’s what makes it so cool in group fights.
  3. What level do I need to be to use the Scythe? You need to have 80 attack points and 90 strength points to wield this awesome weapon.
  4. Has the Scythe been buffed recently? Yes, the Scythe got a buff in a recent update. It’s now more accurate and a bit stronger.
  5. Can I get the Scythe with cheaper charges? Yep, the latest update made charging the Scythe cheaper. You need fewer runes now, which is great for saving gold.

Wrapping Up

So, to wrap things up, the Scythe in OSRS is a really cool weapon. It’s great for fights with lots of enemies and big monsters.

With the recent changes, it’s even better than before. Remember, you need to be pretty strong to use it, but it’s worth it. And now, with cheaper charges, it’s easier for more players to use. Just keep trying for that drop, and soon you’ll be swinging your own Scythe! Keep an eye on the updates too. The devs are always working to make the game better for everyone.


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