Screen Mirroring Not Working : Solved

by Ekta

Screen Mirroring Not Working : Hey there, tech enthusiast! Have you ever tried to show something from your device, like a cool game or a funny video, on a bigger screen but it didn’t work as expected? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even the most awesome tech tricks can sometimes have a little hiccup.

One of these tech hiccups you might come across is when your “Screen Mirroring” isn’t working properly. But fear not, we’re here to help you understand why this might happen and guide you through some easy steps to fix it, just like unraveling a mystery in a game!

Why Isn’t My Screen Mirroring Working?

Imagine screen mirroring like a magic spell that lets you show what’s on your device’s screen on a bigger screen, like a wizard’s potion to reveal secrets. But sometimes, this spell might not work quite right. There can be a few reasons for this, and we’re here to break it down step by step to help you cast the perfect screen mirroring spell.

1. Wi-Fi Connection

Think of Wi-Fi as invisible waves that connect your devices, like a network of magical bridges. If these Wi-Fi waves are weak or not connecting properly, your screen mirroring might not work. So, before you start troubleshooting, make sure your Wi-Fi is strong and stable.

2. Device Compatibility

Just like some puzzle pieces fit perfectly while others don’t, not all devices can do screen mirroring together. If your devices aren’t compatible, it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Check if both your devices support screen mirroring.

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3. Software Updates

Imagine your devices getting cool upgrades, just like your game characters leveling up. Sometimes, if your devices are using older software versions, they might not communicate well for screen mirroring. Check if your devices need updates.

4. Distance Matters

Your devices need to be close enough for the screen mirroring magic to work, like how you need to be near your friends to play a game together. If your devices are too far apart, the magic might fizzle out. Keep your devices close.

5. Restart Devices

Have you ever felt tired after a day of adventure? Well, devices can get a bit tired too after working for a while. Giving them a little break by turning them off and then on again can sometimes refresh their magic and make screen mirroring work better.

6. Connect Correctly

Imagine your devices are like puzzle pieces, and they need to be put together in the right way for screen mirroring to work. If you’re not connecting them correctly, it’s like trying to solve a puzzle with the wrong pieces. Double-check your connection steps.

Screen Mirroring Not Working Solutions

Now, let’s break down these steps into simple actions you can follow if your screen mirroring isn’t working:

Step 1: Check Your Wi-Fi

Ensure your Wi-Fi connection is strong and stable on both devices.

Step 2: Check Compatibility

Confirm that both devices are compatible with screen mirroring.

Step 3: Update Your Devices

Check if your devices need any software updates for smooth communication.

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Step 4: Keep Devices Close

Make sure your devices are close enough for the screen mirroring magic to work.

Step 5: Restart Your Devices

Give your devices a quick rest by turning them off and then turning them back on.

Step 6: Connect Correctly

Double-check that you’re following the correct steps to connect your devices.


Congratulations, young tech wizard! We’ve traveled through the world of screen mirroring and its occasional hiccups. Just like solving quests in your favorite games, troubleshooting tech issues can be an exciting adventure of its own.

Remember, every explorer faces challenges, and with your inquisitive mind and these simple steps, you can conquer any tech challenge that comes your way.

Whether it’s navigating through digital puzzles or casting digital spells like screen mirroring, your journey through the tech realm is filled with wonder and learning.

And if you ever find yourself stuck on a digital quest, don’t hesitate to seek help from grown-ups or tech experts. Now go forth, young adventurer, and continue your exploration in the magical world of technology!