Save Virginia and Kelvin Ending in Sons of the Forest 

by Narendra

Sons of the Forest has several endings that you can get right now. Of course, how you play the game affects which ending you get.

In particular, there is a “best” ending where you save both of your friends. Obviously, to get this ending, you have to do a lot of things right, and it’s easy to make a mistake and miss out. So, here’s what you need to do in Sons of the Forest to get the best ending and save both Virginia and Kelvin.

Save Virginia and Kelvin Ending in Sons of the Forest 

There are three possible endings. If you take the bag at the end, you get the “bad” ending. Then the helicopter will take off without you.

If you don’t take the bag, Virginia turns into a giant mutant, but she doesn’t leave the island with you. This is a slightly better but still bad ending (though Kelvin still does).

There is also a “best” ending in which they both live and leave the island with you. If you get this ending, you’ll also get the Hidden Achievement “Keep Your Friends Close.”

Even though we don’t know for sure what all the requirements are, here are the ones that are most likely needed to get this perfect ending. All of them have something to do with how you talk to Virginia:

  1. Here’s where the dress is that you should give to Virginia.
  2. Just hand her a gun.
  3. Put a GPS Tracker on her.
  4. Make her a place to stay.
  5. Don’t let the cannibals eat her.
  6. Don’t take the bag when you get the chance at the end.