Satisfactory Update 7 Release Date & Time

by Sourabh

Satisfactory Update 7 Release Date & Time: Satisfactory is still in early access, and developer Coffee Stain Studios has shared the first information about update 7, including what will be in it and when it will come out.

Update 7 for Satisfactory will add blueprints, two new creature game modes, changes to how overclocking works, and more when it comes out.

Satisfactory Update 7 Release Date & Time

Satisfactory Update 7 Release Date & Time

The experimental branch release date for Satisfactory update 7 has been set to November 15, 2022. On December 6, 2022, it will then be released on the general early access branch, according to the developer.

A new structure called the Blueprint Designer gives users the ability to create, modify, and save Blueprints for use in their factory. You can drag saved Blueprints to your hotbar for quick access and organize your Blueprints build menu tab however you like.

  1. Release date for satisfactory update 7 is November 15, 2022. (experimental branch)
  2. Release date for Satisfactory Update 7 is December 6, 2022. (early access branch)

You have more control over how the wildlife you come across behaves thanks to the two new creature game modes. Passive effectively lets you play the game without the action element by making all creatures ignore you, even when they attack.

Individual creatures will only attack you after you attack them first if you retaliate against them. You will have more control over when you engage in combat as a result.

Due to a decrease in the exponential power cost change, overclocking is now less expensive than underclocking, which was previously more affordable.

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Patch notes and more information about update 7 are available on its dedicated Steam post.

As soon as we find out more information regarding the release date of Satisfactory’s update 7, we’ll keep an eye out and update this article.