Same Symbol Twice For Standing Stones Puzzle In Midnight Suns

by Narendra

Same Symbol Twice For Standing Stones Puzzle In Midnight Suns: If you get the same symbol twice when you try to solve the Standing Stones puzzle in Midnight Suns, you should know that this is a bug that many people are experiencing right now.

In the Standing Stones puzzle, players have to find Rune sequences to make the Standing Stones work and open the Legendary Chest, which has rewards. Read on to find out why the Standing Stones puzzle you are working on has the same symbol twice and what you can do to fix it.

Same Symbol Twice For Standing Stones Puzzle In Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has challenging turn-based combat, as well as an interesting story and some puzzles. The Standing Stones puzzle is especially interesting because it covers the whole story and gives you three legendary chests.

When you do something to the stones, they will light up, and if you do things to them in a certain order, they will give you a legendary chest.

The game hides three Standing Stones sequences, and each one will open a chest. But right now, a number of players say that one of these sequences is broken.

In particular, a lot of players are getting cyphers with two glyphs that look the same. It’s too bad that you can’t use the same stone more than once. So, it looks like these glitched sequences don’t work.

To make matters worse, these glyphs are all completely random. This means you can’t just look them up online and use them instead.

So, is there a way to fix these bugs with the duplicated symbols in Standing Stones? It looks like this bug is almost only happening with the runes on the Chapel wall in the Abbey, which is a shame.

This should be the first sequence you find and the easiest one. But if you skip it, it looks like something goes wrong.

So, for now, it looks like you have to follow the story and do these codes in the right order, or else they will break and show duplicate glyphs.

Midnight Suns Standing Stones

  1. The first Standing Stones sequence is on the wall of the Chapel in the Abbey.
  2. At Agatha’s Cottage, the second Standing Stones scene is on the wall above the fireplace.
  3. The third Standing Stones sequence is hidden behind the wall in Lilith’s Garden that has a shrine.

If you skipped the first one, it’s likely that you won’t be able to open the legendary chest for the rest of that playthrough. You could try some of these glyph sequences if nothing else works. We’ve already said that they are random, but you might still get lucky and find one that works.