Saka’s ‘spelling School’ Tiktoks Go Viral : Explained

by Narendra

Saka’s ‘spelling School’ Tiktoks Go Viral: During the World Cup in Qatar, Bukayo Saka’s funny “spelling school” videos went viral on TikTok.

The 21-year-old midfielder for Arsenal is one of the youngest players on the team. He has scored three goals so far in the tournament.

He has been putting his teammates to the test in a series called “Saka’s Spelling School,” which is as funny as it sounds.

Saka’s ‘spelling School’ Tiktoks Go Viral

In the first episode, he asked England star James Maddison how to spell the word “aesthetic.” He didn’t think it was likely, though, because Saka couldn’t even say the word.

Saka’s ‘spelling School’ Tiktoks Go Viral

“Spell aesthetic, aesthetic, however you say it,” he said as the Leicester star started spelling “A, E, S, T” and thought he had nailed the word.

But he spelled it wrong, so Saka happily said, “WRONG!” and asked Jack Grealish to spell rhythm.

You can hear Maddison being jealous and asking why he got the “easy word,” but the Man City player still misspelled the word.

In the second episode, Declan Rice had to spell a word. At the beginning of the clip, Saka makes fun of him for being nervous.

Then, while they’re eating, he asks the West Ham star to spell pronunciation, and everyone laughs when he gets it wrong too.

In the next video, he started filming a nervous Marcus Rashford, who at first didn’t know he was doing spelling school.

Saka asked, “How do you spell embarrassed?” The Man United forward thought he got it right, but he forgot the double “R.”

In the last episode, Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold used a fancy voice to spell the word “entrepreneur.”

“The man in question. “He’s a little too sure of himself, though,” Saka said. His arrogance got the best of him, as he put a “N” in the middle.

Maddison must have liked the spelling bee series

Maddison must have liked the spelling bee series, because he has started making his own spelling bee videos on TikTok.

He told Saka, “We all know you can put it in the back of the net, but what the fans really want to know is whether or not you can spell “nauseous.”

The football player put the tense music from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in the background to make the challenge more exciting, but Saka crushed it and everyone cheered.

Mason Mount was next on his list. He sometimes asked the Chelsea star to spell the word, but Mount got the third letter wrong.

Soon, he realized that it should have been a double “C.” He tried again, but Madison wouldn’t let him.

The England team led by Gareth Southgate should really just play football!

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