Sachin Pilot Surrounds His Own Government In Support Of Veeranganas

by Narendra

Sachin Pilot Surrounds His Own Government In Support Of Veeranganas: The case of mistreatment is catching up with Pulwama’s Veeranganas in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, former Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has toght his own party the lesson of humanity and true politics.

Said that many people sit in big positions but the real person is the one who rules the hearts of people. Doing politics about the Veeranganas will send a very wrong message. If one or two jobs are done then there is no big issue. Rule amends have been made before and will be further. 

Do not skimp in meeting and talking to the public

The pilot said, “I bow to the martyrdom of the soldier. It is wrong to rule in this. The public is the Jordan, should not skimp in meeting and talking to them to solve problems. Things can be resolved only by meeting.” Earlier the pilot said that he regrets when police vandalize the martyrs’ family. Whether or not to accept the demands is a different thing, but as humanity should meet the heroes of the martyrs. 

Police accused of martyr Rohitash Lamba’s brother

There, Jitendra, brother of Shaheed Rohitash Lamba, said that 4 years ago Minister Greedand Kataria said that the brother of Shaheed would be given a job but not yet got a job. We were agitating as non-violent but we were abused. Mobile and car also have police.

Jitendra said, “Where is my sister-in-law, we don’t even know. We are not even being allowed to meet. Sister-in-law was admitted to Amarsar Hospital yesterday morning. After this, the police shifted him to another place. Those who have not returned home yet.

Veerangana was demonstrating these demands

Significantly, the wives of the three soldiers who were martyred in the Pulwama attack were protesting in Rajasthan. They demand that the martyrs be installed and relatives are given jobs. However, Chief Minister Ashok Gahlot has clarified that he will not entitle the job of a martyr’s child, but it is not a good tradition to give a job to a relative of some. 

The demonstruction was led by State President Satish Poonia from BJP Headquarters in Jaipur regarding the mistreatment in this demonstruction. During this time, handreds of activists who came out from the party headquarters towards Sahkar Bhavan, when the police tried to stop, there was a tremendous clash from both sides. Meanwhile some activists also made a mild stone pelting on the police car but the office bearers intermittently calmed the case.

Kirodilal Meena’s supporters were the most visited in the performance. Those who were very angry, which the state officials also calmed down many times but were not ready to listen to anyone. In such a situation, Satish Poonia started taking his step back after the symbolic demonstration, when the Kirodi supporters got excited and started banging on the police. Meanwhile the police taught him a lesson.