Ryan Gosling’s Six Vs Chris Evans’ Lloyd : Who Wins In The Gray Man?

by Narendra

Ryan Gosling’s Six Vs Chris Evans’ Lloyd: The Gray Man is now out, and it’s the most exciting Netflix project of the year so far because it has so many talented people in it.

The two directors known as the Russo Brothers are in charge. Joe and Anthony made two of the biggest movies of all time: Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

Few filmmakers have ever worked with such a large canvas, and fans were thrilled to hear that they would stay in the realm of high-budget spectacle with an adaptation of Mark Greaney’s 2009 novel of the same name.

In the main role, “Sierra Six,” played by Ryan Gosling (Drive), faces off against “Lloyd Hansen,” played by Chris Evans (Captain America: The Winter Soldier). When Six finds out dangerous agency secrets, he becomes a big target, and Lloyd is given the job of killing him. So, in The Gray Man, who wins?

Ryan Gosling’s Six Vs Chris Evans’ Lloyd : Who Wins In The Gray Man?

In the end, Ryan Gosling’s team, Sierra Six, wins, and Chris Evans’s character, Lloyd Hansen, dies in the final fight. But Suzanne Brewer (Jessica Henwick), Denny Carmichael’s (Regé-Jean Page) deputy, kills Hum, not Six.

Claire (Julia Butters), who is Donald Fitzroy’s niece, is saved by Six and Dani Mirdana (Ana de Armas) as the story comes to a close (Billy Bob Thornton). Unluckily, Donald gives up his own life so that the others can get away.

On the other hand, his efforts don’t stop Six and Lloyd from having a final, tense fight in a water fountain. As he keeps hitting Lloyd, Six is clearly winning the fight, since Lloyd isn’t able to defend himself.

At this point, Suzanne kills Lloyds and then shoots Six in the leg. She says that she will blame Lloyd for all of the bad things that Six now knows about. After all, a dead man can’t defend himself. So, she and her bosses will get away with everything.

Suzanne gives Claire to the CIA so that Six won’t say anything. He goes back to prison, but the last scene shows that he’s escaped because he saves Claire and they head off into an uncertain future.