Royal Mail Strike Dates In October And November

by Ami Dalsania

Royal Mail Strike Dates In October And November : The workers at Royal Mail will go on strike for another 19 days in October and November.

The new round of strikes was announced on Tuesday by the Communication Workers Union (CWU), which represents thousands of Royal Mail workers (Sept 27).

“This is a big announcement, but it matches the level of anger our members feel about how Royal Mail Group has treated them,” CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said.

When is the next strike by the Royal Mail? So far, here are the dates we know.

Royal Mail Strike Dates In October And November

The strikes will start on October 13 and last until November, according to the BBC.

Royal Mail Strike Dates In October And November

They said that the confirmed dates for the strike are:

The 13th and 20th of October and the 25th of November.
“Different teams and combinations of teams will strike on other dates,” a CWU spokesman told the BBC. “This will affect all deliveries on those dates.”

At the time this was written, the full list of strike dates had not been made public. However, all CWU members who work for Royal Mail are on strike on the dates above.

According to the BBC, there will be a 24-hour strike starting at 05:00 that will last through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Royal Mail Strike Dates In 2022

So far, Royal Mail workers have gone on strike six times, which has caused a lot of trouble all over Britain.

These things:

August 26 August 31 September 8 September 9 September 30 October 1
“We’re sorry that this will likely cause you trouble. Royal Mail said, “We’re doing what we can to keep services running, but customers should expect a lot of trouble.”

Royal Mail says that on days when there are strikes, they will:

As many Special Delivery and Tracked24 packages as possible should be delivered.
COVID test kits and medical prescriptions should be delivered as soon as possible.
Not be delivering letters (with the exception of Special Delivery)

Why Royal Mail Strike 2022

The Communication Workers Union says that Royal Members are on strike because they were forced to take a 2% pay cut that they had not agreed to.

In a national strike vote over pay, members of the CWU who work for Royal Mail voted by a 97.6% majority to go on strike.

Since inflation is 11.8%, Royal Mail workers are striking for a pay raise that “fully addresses the current cost of living.”

“Our members need it, our members deserve it, and the company can afford it,” the CWU said, adding that Royal Mail group profits are £758 million.

But in July, Keith Williams, the chairman of Royal Mail, said the company is losing £1 million a day. He said this is because there aren’t enough packages and the company isn’t “delivering efficiencies.”

“The rise in the number of packages during the pandemic, which was helped by the delivery of COVID-19 test kits and packages, is over,” he said.

“Royal Mail is losing £1 million every day, and the improvements in efficiency that are needed for long-term success have stopped.”