Roblox Brookhaven RP Secret Places

by Narendra

Roblox Brookhaven RP Secret Places: In the game, you can buy expensive houses and cars and do many other things. Money is given to players as if there were no end to it, but there are a lot of hidden spots. This guide will tell you about all the secret and hidden places in Roblox Brookhaven RP and what secrets they hold.

Roblox Brookhaven RP Secret Places

Here are the Roblox Brookhaven RP Secret Places you should know.

If you are in Prison, you can escape by jumping into the vents. If you keep walking along the right wall while you’re in the vents, you’ll find a secret room.

You can find a card that lets you get into the electrical room on the cabinet in the secret room. You can find another place to hide on the roof of the prison.

There is a creepy floor above the Hospital where a green man appears at random.

Behind the X-ray skeleton in the Hospital is a secret room. In this room, there is a button under the table. If you click it, you can get into a secret underwater agency.

Go over to the cliff near the gas station and look for a part you can open to find a Secret Agency Location.

Get the Green Card from the bank and head up. Near the vault, there is a vent you can use to get to a secret room.

Go to the small room in the secret room and click on the light above to open a trap door that leads to a room with weapons.
Go to the graveyard and stand in front of a tombstone while saying, “Let me out to fall into the grave.” Click on the coffin to hear scary sounds.

Go to the bathroom in the second penthouse and jump into the mirror to find a hidden room with a safe.

Go to the basement of the third house. Click on the left side of the bookcase on the far left to see a second basement below.

Go to the closet in the master bedroom of the twelfth house. There’s an invisible ladder that leads up to where the crystals are hidden.

In the 19th house, go to the TV and press the button on the back to open a trapdoor that was hidden.

Go to the 29th house and go up the stairs there. Find the part of the roof that looks like it is raised, and you can go to the attic. A hidden safe sits over here.