Richard Moll Childrens ? Chloe Moll and Mason Moll

by Narendra

Richard Moll Childrens ? Chloe Moll and Mason Moll : Richard Moll, the talented actor who won the hearts of many through his iconic role in the TV series “Night Court,” has left us at the age of 80. In this article, we will celebrate the life and work of Richard Moll in a way that anyone, can understand and appreciate.

Richard Moll Beloved Actor’s Journey

Early Life and Education

Richard Moll was born on January 13, 1943, in Pasadena, California. He was not just an actor but a scholar as well. He attended UC Berkeley, a renowned university, where he laid the foundation for his future acting career.

“Night Court” Star

From 1984 to 1992, Moll became a household name for his portrayal of ‘Bull’ Shannon in the popular TV show “Night Court.” The show was a comedy gem that many people still enjoy watching today. Moll’s character, Bull, was a towering yet lovable bailiff, and he made the character unforgettable with his unique talent.

Voice Acting Adventures

Apart from his live-action roles, Richard Moll was also a talented voice actor. He lent his deep and distinctive voice to video games and comic book projects. One of his notable voice roles was as Harvey Dent in “Batman: The Animated Series.” Imagine him using his voice to bring animated characters to life; it’s like a magician using his wand to create magic.

Who are Richard Moll Childrens ?

Richard Moll was not just a star on the screen; he had a personal life too. He had two marriages, which is when two people decide to be together because they love each other.

His first marriage was to Laura Class from 1988 to 1992, and later he married Susan Brown from 1993 to 2005. With Susan Brown, he had two children, Chloe Moll and Mason Moll. He also had two stepchildren, Cassandra Card and Morgan Ostling. Think of it like having a big, loving family.

Tributes Pouring In

After Richard Moll passed away, social media was full of messages from people who admired him. They remembered his role in “Night Court” and his imposing yet friendly presence. It’s like when someone you love gets a lot of birthday wishes, but this time, it was to remember the great work he did in the world of entertainment.


Richard Moll’s journey in the world of entertainment was like a fascinating story. He was not just an actor; he was a giant who left an everlasting mark in the hearts of those who watched him perform. Even though he’s not with us anymore, his performances will continue to shine and be celebrated by his fans.

So, even if you’re just 18, remember the name Richard Moll and the characters he brought to life. His legacy lives on, and that’s the beauty of great actors like him.