Revenge Of Others Ending Explained

by Kirti Rajput

Revenge Of Others Ending Explained: From Netflix’s Twenty Five Twenty One to Disney Plus’s Big Mouth, fans who had been rooting for the main couple to get their happy ending throughout the show were given a lukewarm ending.

In the movie Revenge of Others, Chanmi (played by Shin Ye Eun) and Soohyeon (played by Lomon) made a great couple. They could boast about who had it worse, and the answer would be both. But does the ending do right by our main couple?

Revenge Of Others Ending Explained

Revenge of Others ends with a happy beginning for the couple, but things don’t always go as planned at Yong-Tak High School.

Revenge Of Others Ending Explained

In the last two episodes of Revenge of Others, Jaebum, Chanmi, and Soohyeon find out some shocking things.

Jaebum finds out that Gi Osung, not Chanmi’s brother late Wonseok, was the one who was trying to kill him.

Soohyeon and Chanmi start to suspect Jaebum when they learn that the person who killed the man in the auto shop is left-handed. Soon after, they find out that Jaebum has Wonseok’s phone.

Jaebum used to black out and wake up in strange places

The fact that Jaebum has a split personality disorder because he lost his brother when he was young is another thing viewers learn in the last episode that helps them understand his life.

Jaebum used to black out and wake up in strange places in the middle of the night. It turns out that these things happened because he used to feel like his late brother’s spirit, Seok Jaejun, was driving him.

After Jaebum falls off the roof, the real bad guy, Osung, tricks him into thinking that Wonseok pushed him, and Jaebum kills Wonseok on the fateful day that Yoontak High has already shown.

Jaebum killed Wonseok

Chanmi is the kind of person who says, “I deal with things myself.” So, once she knows for sure that Jaebum killed Wonseok, she goes to find him while he was hiding from the police.

They get into a bloody fight. But she managed to convince Jaebum that the bad part of him is just his dead brother’s shadow, and the “third generation chaebol” gives himself up to the police.

Gisung goes crazy with anger when he finds a tracker in his bag that Kook Jihyun put there at Soohyeon’s request.

Even though Gisung said before that he loves Jihyun, he doesn’t think twice about threatening her with a knife while luring Soohyeon to the rooftop.

When Gisung and Soohyeon fight, it gets really bad, and almost everyone in school sees Gisung fall off the roof. But at the same time, everyone finds out that Soohyeon is the hero who has been beating up bullies and getting revenge, so no one says anything to the police to help Soohyeon get out of trouble.