Request to Join with 2 Nearby Enemy Operators for Team Player DMZ Mission

by Ami Dalsania

Request to Join with 2 Nearby Enemy Operators: In the mode of Warzone 2 that is similar to Tarkov, players are given a set of missions to complete for each of the three main factions.

Many of these missions will be easy to complete, some not so. Some tasks, like “Request to Join with 2 Nearby Enemy Operators,” sound easy, but they give many players trouble. Read on to learn more about how to finish the DMZ Team Player mission.

Request to Join with 2 Nearby Enemy Operators Black Mous mission in MW2 DMZ

Before you even start this mission, you have to make sure a few things are set up right so that you can finish it. You must set your in-game voice channel to “All Lobby.” Here’s what you need to do:

  1. To open the Settings menu, press the Options button (on consoles) or the Esc key (on a PC).
  2. To get to the Settings tab, scroll to the right.
  3. Scroll down until you find the audio settings.
  4. Choose the Voice Channel for Game.
  5. You can choose “All Lobby” from the four options.

This means you will be able to talk to every player in the match. Even the operators from the other team for the “Team Player” mission. Also, the second thing you need to do before the match is turn off the “Squad Fill” option from the lobby screen.

Now that both of these options are set to “required,” all you have to do is try to find enemy operators to join them.

To “Request to Join with 2 Nearby Enemy Operators,” press the ALT key on a PC or press Up on the D-Pad on a console. And they will have to agree, of course.

The rest is up to chance, but here are some tips and tricks to help you finish the “Team Player” mission as quickly as possible:

  1. Try the area near the chemists.
  2. Try near the boss zone for the Juggernaut.
  3. Find other people who play solo.
  4. Look for players who are downed and ask them.

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