Remove WhatsApp Channel Updates Option : Solved

by Ekta

Remove WhatsApp Channel Updates Option : Hey there, WhatsApp enthusiast! If you’re wondering how to deal with those pesky “WhatsApp Channel Updates” on WhatsApp Web, you’re in the right place.

WhatsApp doesn’t offer a direct option to remove or hide this feature. However, you can still take control of your status updates and manage what you see. We’ll walk you through these steps in simple terms.

Step 1: Manage Your Contacts

Curate Your List

  1. Unfollow or Mute Contacts: To control what appears in your status, start by managing your contacts. If there are people whose updates you’d rather not see, you can unfollow or mute them.
    • To unfollow a contact, open their chat.
    • Tap their name at the top.
    • Then, tap “Custom Notifications.”
    • From there, you can choose to mute their updates.

Step 2: Custom Privacy Settings

Keep It Private

  1. Use Custom Privacy Settings: WhatsApp provides privacy settings that let you decide who can view your status updates. You can set your status privacy to “My Contacts Except…” and choose specific contacts you want to exclude from seeing your status.

Step 3: Report the Issue

Seek Help

  1. Report the Issue: If you’re seeing the “WhatsApp Channel Updates” option without your consent or if it’s causing any issues, you can report the problem to WhatsApp’s support team. They might be able to assist you with your specific issue.

Step 4: Check for Updates

Stay Current

  1. Keep WhatsApp Updated: WhatsApp frequently releases updates with bug fixes and improvements. While these updates may not directly tackle the “WhatsApp Channel Updates” option, it’s a good practice to ensure you have the latest features and security fixes.
    • Regularly check for app updates on your device’s app store.
    • Updating WhatsApp might bring new features and options that can help you manage your status updates better.

Please note that WhatsApp’s features and options may change with updates, and your ability to hide or remove specific elements like “WhatsApp Channel Updates” might vary depending on the version of WhatsApp you’re using. It’s possible that newer versions of WhatsApp provide more control over the visibility of such elements.

We recommend periodically checking for app updates and exploring WhatsApp’s settings to see if there have been any changes related to this feature since my last update in September 2021.


There you have it—simple steps to help you manage those “WhatsApp Channel Updates” on WhatsApp Web. While WhatsApp may not offer a direct way to remove or hide this feature, you can still control what appears in your status by managing your contacts, adjusting your privacy settings, and keeping your app up-to-date.

Remember, technology evolves, and so do apps like WhatsApp. New updates may bring exciting changes and more control over your WhatsApp experience. So, stay curious, stay updated, and keep exploring WhatsApp to make the most out of your messaging adventures!