Red Bull Christmas Advent Calendar For 2022

by Anchal Thakur

The Red Bull Christmas advent calendar for winter 2022 has gone viral after people saw how it looks and what flavors it has. Is there a way to buy it?

Every year around the holidays, companies start putting out their advent calendars, and people have been very eager to get their hands on them.

But they didn’t think Red Bull would have an advent calendar, and the 2022 design has surprised people.

Red Bull Christmas Advent Calendar For 2022

Sebastian Aslaksrud, a professional MBX racer, posted a video of the information about Red Bull’s Christmas event calendar for the winter season on his TikTok account.

Over 400k people watched his first video, which did well. The second video he posted on his page, however, quickly gained popularity and received over 14 million views.

Now, Sebastian posts a video of himself drinking a Red Bull each day, which has people buzzing.

How to buy Red Bull Christmas Advent Calendar ?

Sebastian shows an advent calendar on his TikTok, but you can’t buy it because it’s a PR box he got for being the ambassador for Red Bull Norway.

Red Bull does, however, sell an advent calendar in Germany and Austria.

It is a Red Bull KTM Racing Team Advent Calendar that has 25 chocolate coins from Java (at least 34% cocoa), Costa Rica (at least 38% cocoa), and Venezuela (at least 43% cocoa).

It can be bought on their official website, which can be seen by clicking on the link here.

Red Bull Christmas Advent Calendar

People started talking about the video of Sebastian almost as soon as they saw it. People have been tagging Red Bull with messages asking them to sell it to the public.

“I would die for a Red Bull advent calendar,” one person wrote. Another person wrote, “@RedBull, what does a girl have to do to get her hands on the Red Bull advent calendar?

“Yeah hi I saw a @redbull advent calendar and like… “How does a girl get one?” asked another interested viewer.

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