Raymond Ackerman Cause Of Death : News

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Raymond Ackerman Cause Of Death : We remember a remarkable figure, Raymond Ackerman, who left an indelible mark on South African business.

At the age of 92, he departed on September 6, 2023, leaving behind a legacy that forever changed the retail industry and championed the rights of consumers. This article aims to celebrate the life and achievements of Raymond Ackerman in a way that an 18-year-old can understand.

Raymond Ackerman Life of Raymond Ackerman

Raymond Ackerman’s journey began in the 1960s when he purchased four stores from Jack Goldin. Little did he know that this would be the start of something truly remarkable. These stores would eventually become the foundation for the Pick ‘n Pay supermarket group, which he lovingly nurtured for decades.

Raymond Ackerman’s impact on the retail industry in South Africa was immense. He not only built a successful business but also transformed the way people shopped for groceries. As the chairman of Pick ‘n Pay, he played a pivotal role in shaping the company into a household name.

Beyond the aisles of his supermarkets, Ackerman was a fierce advocate for consumer rights. He believed that everyone deserved access to affordable goods.

He championed various causes, including fighting for lower cigarette prices and challenging government policies, especially when it came to the cost of bread. He also believed in the need to deregulate gasoline prices to benefit consumers.

Raymond Ackerman Cause Of Death : News

Raymond Ackerman’s passing in September 2023 came as a shock to many. What’s intriguing is that the exact cause of his death was not publicly disclosed.

His family and representatives chose to keep the circumstances surrounding his passing private. This decision was made out of respect for their wishes and to allow for a dignified mourning period.

It’s important to note that there were rumors of Ackerman’s death in November 2022 that circulated on social media. However, he later confirmed that he was very much alive at that time. His eventual passing in 2023 marked the official end of a truly remarkable life.

Legacy of Raymond Ackerman

Raymond Ackerman’s legacy extends far beyond the world of business. His dedication to consumer interests and his relentless pursuit of making essential goods more affordable had a profound impact on South Africa’s commercial landscape. His innovative ideas forever changed the way people shopped and what they expected from retailers.

For young entrepreneurs and those aspiring to make a difference, Ackerman’s story is an inspiring one. He started with just a few stores and transformed them into a retail empire. His passion for what he believed in, his dedication to consumers, and his unwavering commitment to his principles serve as a role model for anyone looking to make their mark on the world.


As we remember Raymond Ackerman, we reflect on the life of a man who redefined South African business. His journey from small beginnings to retail titan is a testament to the power of dedication and the belief in making things better for everyone.

While the circumstances of his passing may remain private, his impact on the world is public and everlasting. Raymond Ackerman’s life reminds us that we can all make a difference, regardless of our age or circumstances. His story is a lesson in what it means to be a true advocate for change and a champion for consumers everywhere.

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