Purple Hearts Soundtrack: Each and Every Song of Purple Hearts

by Narendra

Purple Hearts Soundtrack: The use of songs and an original score can help add exactly the right feeling to each scene, which is why music frequently plays a significant role in the majority of films and television series.

Because the plot of the most recent movie released by Netflix is about an aspiring singer-songwriter who is having trouble making a living, the movie naturally includes a number of songs at various points throughout the narrative. This is a particularly moving aspect of the film Purple Hearts.

However, which songs are included in the soundtrack for Purple Hearts, and where can fans listen to them online?

Purple Hearts Soundtrack

Purple Hearts has a lot of songs on its soundtrack, both ones that were licensed from other artists and ones that were made just for the movie.

Sofia Carson Songs in purple hearts on Spotify and apple music

The main actress, Sofia Carson, sings most of the songs in Purple Hearts. There are a few licensed songs in the movie as well.

She sings six songs in the movie, or eight if you count two stripped-down versions. All of them are played at important points in the emotional movie.

Sofia is an accomplished singer as well as an actress. She has sung in a number of movies, put out 14 singles, and in 2022, she put out her first studio album.

To go along with the release of the movie, a full album of Sofia Carson’s songs from Purple Hearts has been put out on music streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music.

Purple Hearts Release Date And Plot Preview

On Friday, July 29, 2022, Purple Hearts became available to stream on Netflix.

The movie tells the story of two characters, Cassie Salazar, a struggling musician who is drowning in medical bills, and Luke Morrow, a disturbed marine, who could not be more different from one another.

The couple decides to get married for the sole purpose of taking advantage of the benefits that come with military service. This is done to assist Cassie in dealing with the increasing stress that comes with her financial situation.

The couple’s plan, however, is thrown for a loop when a tragic event occurs out of the blue, and the distinction between reality and fiction begins to become more hazy.