PUBG Mobile New Upcoming Updates 2019

by Narendra

From the sources, I got some interesting Upcoming updates about PUBG mobile we always waiting for some new updates in PUBG. So the wait is over in 2019. PUBG will release some cool update which I will discuss in this article.

Here are some Upcoming updates in PUBG mobile:

1. Digital Binoculars :

Here is a first update Binocular in which we get 15 X zooming so we kill enemies easily with this binocular but in the map, this binocular is in very less in quantity otherwise it’s so difficult to kill. It seems interesting now we play with more experience and perfection.

2. Vechicles -Truck :

Here is the second upcoming update which will bring you a truck which you see in erangel map most of the time. In the update, they will modify that truck.

3. Riot Shield :

Another new upcoming update riot shield in which they will give us a shield which is so strong that it will not easily destroy with bullets and it will cover the whole body. This shield is found in drop box mostly it’s an interesting and powerful gaming update for PUBG lovers.

4. New Outfit :

This is an new harley quinn and joker outfit update which will we see in upcoming update and enjoy the most awaited outfit. In season five we got a hairstyle but in the next update, we will get a full outfit in season six.

So these are the new upcoming updates Of PUBG mobile. It will Definitely come in the next update we have to wait sometime they will notify us when they will give the new update in th game.

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