Pros and Cons of New Character vs NG+ in Elden Ring

by Narendra

Here is the complete details of Pros and Cons of New Character vs NG+ in Elden Ring

Start a New Game Plus if you want a second playthrough that is easy. Your end-game level lets you skip the beginning and middle of the game. If you’ve upgraded your weapons, all the bosses before the Fire Giant should be easy. The entire game should feel like a walk to victory.

After all, you get to keep the stuff, maps, and levels that you have upgraded.

The harder each game gets the more NG+ sessions you start. Even for leveled-up characters, the third or fourth NG+ playthrough is usually very hard.

If you killed an NPC by accident during your first playthrough and lost access to their questline, you can finish the questline in a new NG+.

NG+ also makes Runes worth twice as much. If you’re interested in that part, then you should get a new NG+.

Reasons to make a new character in Elden ring

If you want to try out a completely different build, you should make a new character when you play Elden Ring for the second time. Many players find it much more fun to start over from scratch with a new character class.

When you use a different build, it’s more fun to find the items you need to level up your character. With a new save, it’s much more fun to move forward and play a role.

In Elden Ring, you can play as more than one person. Every character has their own save file.

Pros and Cons of New Character vs NG+

Whether you start a New Game Plus or make a new character depends on how hard you want your second time through Elden Ring to be. In an NG+, things are easy but do the same thing over and over. Play NG+ if you want to see different endings, finish quest lines you didn’t get to before, or fight certain bosses again.

If you make a new character, you can try a different build and start from scratch. If what makes Elden Ring fun for you is how hard it is, you should choose a different character. The difficulty increases too slowly in an NG+.