Printtool is Trying to Modify the Printer Settings

by Narendra

Several users have been reporting that the pop-up “Printtool is trying to modify the printer settings“message is appeared repeatedly and asks the user name and password to modify the settings. For one it appears while using a printer or scanner. If you get frustrated by seeing this message every time then here we have lined up some of the worked solutions that you can consider and solve this issue right away.

1. Delete Printers

Most of the time old printer or new printer files trying to complete the process on mac for that reason they ask permission to modify printer settings. So here I’d recommend you to delete old listed printer and new listed printer from your Mac and install it from scratch to remove print tool is trying to modify the printer setting message.

Follow below steps to remove printer or scanner from the mac

Step: 1 First go to the Apple menu and visit to system preferences.

Step: 2 Click on the printers and scanner option.

Step: 3 Here you will see all the listed printers or scanners.

Step: 4 Now click one by one and delete the printer and scanner from the list.

Step: 5 That’s it now reinstall the printer software and start from scratch.

2. Give All Permission to Printer

This “Printtool is Trying to Modify the Printer Settings” pop-up is appearing due to you do not give all permission to printer. So here we recommend you to give permission to printer by following below steps:

Step: 1 Open spotlight with Shortcut key [ Command-spacebar]

Step: 2 Now type directory Utility and hit enter

Step: 3 Now on directory utility window click on directory editor.

Step: 4 Next on the left side view select group and in the search bar type “print“.

Step: 5 Now click on print administrator then click on top click on lock icon to unlock.

Step: 6 In the right-side window, select GroupMembership, then select the “+” button.

Step: 7 Enter the name of the user account where you are seeing these pop-ups, replacing new_value, and then, click on Save.

Exit the Directory Editor.

Log out, and then, log back in with this user account. That’s it.

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