Pour Me Another Drink Tiktok Trend: Explained

by Ami Dalsania

The “Pour Me Another Drink” trend on TikTok has become incredibly popular. Let’s learn more about this trend and why it’s so viral!

What Is The “Pour Me Another Drink” Trend?

The “Pour Me Another Drink” trend is all about making fun videos on TikTok. People pour a drink while pretending to sing along to a song called “Whiskey Glasses” by Morgan Wallen.

How Does It Work?

To join the trend, you need to make a video of yourself pouring a drink and moving to the beat of the song “Whiskey Glasses.” After that, you can share your video on social media using the hashtag #PourMeAnotherDrink.

Why Is It So Popular?

The “Pour Me Another Drink” trend has become viral for a few reasons:

Catchy Song

The song “Whiskey Glasses” is very catchy. It has a nice tune, and the words are easy to remember. People love listening to it and singing along.

Everyone Can Join

Anyone can join the trend. You don’t need any special skills or equipment. All you need is a drink and a desire to have fun. It’s a trend for everyone!

Creative and Fun

The trend allows people to be creative. They can choose different drinks and show off their dance moves. It’s like putting on a mini-show for others to enjoy.

Feeling Part of a Community

When you participate in the trend, you become part of a big group. You can watch other people’s videos, comment on them, and feel like you’re all doing something together.

Is There Anything to Be Cautious About?

While the “Pour Me Another Drink” trend is a lot of fun, there are a few things to be careful about:

Drinking Responsibly

Pouring and drinking drinks in videos may make it seem like drinking a lot is okay. But it’s important to remember that it’s just a trend. Drinking too much can be harmful to your health.

Not for Young Kids

Some people in the videos are drinking alcoholic beverages. It’s not suitable for young kids to participate in those parts of the trend. Stick to non-alcoholic drinks if you want to join.

Being Respectful

Always be respectful when you’re making videos or commenting on others’ videos. Treat everyone kindly and remember to have fun without hurting anyone’s feelings.


The “Pour Me Another Drink” trend on TikTok is a fun way to make videos and have a good time. Just remember to be responsible and respectful while joining in on the trend.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I join the “Pour Me Another Drink” trend? Absolutely! As long as you have permission from your parents and stick to non-alcoholic drinks, you can have fun and make your own video.

2. What if I don’t know the song “Whiskey Glasses”? No worries! You can listen to the song on the internet or ask someone to help you learn it. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at lip-syncing!

3. Can I dance any way I want in the video? Yes, you can! Feel free to dance however you like and show off your own moves. Just make sure to have enough space and be safe while dancing